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Hello and… welcome back to my blog! I’m Rodì from hercreativedetails.com and I hope to be really helpful with this article too.

After talking to you about how to edit a video for your projects, today I’m talking about voice overs and how to find a suitable voice for your projects. So if you are about to launch a new podcast, a video on youtube or any other project that requires the inclusion of a professional voice, continue reading this article, it will probably really help you.

But let’s take a step back … what is a voice over and what is it for?

“Once upon a time..”
(It is one of the most classic examples of the presence of a voice over … cartoons!)

A “voice over” (also called voiceover) is a narrating voice that is not accompanied by the face of the narrator within the scene and that is often not part of the narrative itself.
I am sure that at least once in your life you will have seen a film, video or commercial with a narrating voice.
The narrative voice technique is a technique widely used in mainstream storytelling, especially in cinema and television. It is often used in films, TV series or commercials precisely to give the viewer a feeling of “neutrality” of the narrative.
But the purpose of this article is not the voice over within cinema or television, but the use of this technique within videos for social media, podcasts and much more.

Why do we choose a voice over?

The voice over technique is increasingly used by many bloggers, youtubers and brand owners for the creation of podcasts, videos for youtube, promotional videos for the launch of a new product and much more.
The reasons why you typically choose to use a real voice over instead of your own voice are as follows:

  1. because our accent in a particular language is not yet excellent;
  2. because you don’t want to expose yourself in the first person;
  3. because you intend to communicate a certain emotion to the viewer and show your empathy.

So if you too are a blogger, a youtuber or need to add a personalized voice over to your projects, continue reading the article, it could be useful. Here I can suggest you professional voice over services.

Voice over services: where can I find a voice over suitable for my projects?

“How much does a voice over cost?”, “Where can I find them?” – These are only a few questions.

I have done a lot of research in this regard to try to give you a sincere and objective answer about it and today I would like to recommend Fiverr also to find a voice over suitable for your needs. I also told you about it in this article on my blog when I recommended custom illustrations starting at $5.
Here, even in this case, I recommend that you take a look at Fiverr to purchase a personalized voice over service.
Fiverr is one of the best online service trading portals offering numerous professional voice over services.
Among the advantages of purchasing a personalized voice over service you can certainly have:

  • A professional service at affordable and not exaggeratedly high prices;
  • Numerous and talented professional voice overs who will help you reliably and professionally;
  • You can choose the language, cadence, genre and tone of voice of the voice over you need;
  • You can choose which emotions you want to communicate to the viewer;
  • You can decide the number of words and the text you want to send to the professional who will carry out your service;
    In almost all services you will have the possibility to add the commercial license for your projects.

These are just some of the advantages you could have by choosing professional voice over services on Fiverr.
To choose the perfect professional for your needs, you just have to register on Fiverr and then choose your professional from this long list of voice over Fiverr services.
But it’s not over yet. I have some other important advice for you – read on. Read on even if you’re not looking a voice over for YouTube videos.

Artificial voice over apps and services: why avoid them?

This is a very important point. As I wrote to you at the beginning of this article, the voice over technique is a very widespread technique nowadays. Consequently, in addition to personalized services, apps and bots that simulate a voice to be used within one’s projects are also increasing – but, if possible, it would be better to avoid using these voice over services online, apps or bots for the following reasons:

  • Flat tone of voice, always the same: these apps often tend to simulate a voice over that is always the same without accents, pauses and unrealistic tones of voice;
  • Lack of “emotions”: often these voice simulators do not let any emotion leak out. Consequently, they are really counterproductive for your projects, as being able to communicate certain emotions to the viewer through the voice is essential for the success of each project.
  • Perception of a “non-real narrator”: this kind of services often give the viewer the idea that on the other side of the narrative there is a robot and not a real person with real emotions.

Voice over jobs for beginners: how can I sell my services?

Fiverr is also an excellent portal for those who intend to “sell” their voice over work and not only for those who intend to buy a voice over service.
So, if you too have a certain talent and preparation in a certain language and you’re looking for voice over jobs for beginners, you can sign up for Fiverr as a seller directly from here and create a gig (or service) with your requirements – or alternatively you could create a personal website and sell your services independently. You can also decide to sell voice over classes!

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