Video editing for beginners: how to realize professional videos with your photos


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Hey! here I am again! Today I’m going to tell you about video editing for beginners: with this video editing software online you can start to create professional videos with your photos.

Video editing for beginners: how to realize professional videos with your photos?

As you will have already understood from the photography tips of my blog, giving the right importance to the details of your photos (or videos) is fundamental when deciding to review a shot that we have made or that we particularly love.

“How can I get the best out of this photo?”
“What photo filter can I add to this photo before posting it or having it printed?”
“How can I create a video with all the photos I took this summer?”
How many times have you asked yourself at least one of these questions? A thousand times, I bet.
And that’s why today I will try to give you simple answers to these questions, focusing attention, in particular, on the last question: “How can I create a video with all the photos I took this summer?”
If you follow my blog you will surely have noticed that so far within it there are many presets for the post production of your photos, but I never told you about how to insert your photos into a video.
Organizing your photos in a simple, clear and digital format can be a great advantage for you because it would allow you to:
– see your photos from a new perspective and in another context;
– create a sort of photo slideshow and not having to carry on the playback manually when you decide to show them to your friends.

Who has never used a video editing software to put their photos together at least once?
The web and smartphones nowadays offer numerous software and apps that can be used to create good videos with your photos.
I bet that you too, if you have used one of the various video editing programs, have encountered at least once one of the following difficulties:
– The software was complex to use, so you were unable to complete the project;
– The final quality of the video was not particularly high so watching your project on TV with friends you were not very satisfied with the final result;
– You were unable to remove the watermark with the name of the software from your video;
– The effects proposed within the software were not many, you were tired of the so-called “sepia effect” to be applied and the transitions were “too amateur”;
– The format you had chosen for your video was not correctly maintained when you viewed your video on your TV;
– You worked hours on the realization and in the end you had the feeling of throwing away your hours of work for nothing.

Well, if you too have encountered one of the following difficulties listed at least once, then continue reading the article because it might interest you.
I am talking to you about Animoto, which perhaps could be the right solution for you because it’s a video editing software online and because is also one of the best video editing for beginners.

 – NEW: With Animoto you can make vertical and square videos for Pinterest and Instagram

What is Animoto?

Animoto is a professional online video editing software that offers three different purchase plans (with a free trial first). Animoto is based in New York, so the website is presented in English, but it is an online software used all over the world and with great success when it comes to video editing.
One of its greatest strengths lies in the fact that, despite being a professional video editing software, it is very simple and intuitive to use, therefore it is also very suitable for beginners, amateur photographers and all those who intend to use it for the first time.
I never write about services in my blog without having tested them before, I have been using Animoto for several years (as you can also see in my youtube video made with it) for this reason, today I am writing about Animoto because I consider it one of the best video editing software: it’s complete, intuitive and with a great quality editing.

I recommend using Animoto if you also want:

  • Easily create high-quality, professional-looking videos;
  • Make a video with photos of your holidays for simple personal use;
  • Make a video and then post it on social media;
  • Increase visits to your social channels or blog thanks to videos;
  • Realize the presentation of a product of your online business.
  • NEW: Make vertical and square videos for Pinterest and Instagram

As I already told you before, Animoto is an online video editing software (also called cloud-based service), therefore it means that you don’t have to download any program to install on your PC but you have to use the software only within the site web itself (don’t worry, your projects remain confidential and you can only see them and download them in high quality).
If you decide to activate the trial service, at the end of it you can decide to stop the service and not use it anymore or subscribe to an affordable subscription (monthly or yearly) to continue using the software and take advantage of all its advantages.
Before explaining the three different subscription plans in general, know that the moment you decide to purchase a plan, you pay:

  • The quality of the videos;
  • The numerous photographic filters and transitions;
  • The professional aspect;
  • Versatility;
  • Many ready-to-use models.

So in my opinion, if you like video editing, you can be sure that your money is well spent up to the last cent.

You can find full pricing details here, but in general, the three subscription plans are:

1. Personal – € 9.99 per month. It includes many advantages: standard quality video (720p), 350+ music tracks, 12 templates, 3 standard fonts, 30 color swatches, Animoto logo at end of videos.
2. Professional – at € 19.99 a month, it is definitely the most used plan. Also here, many advantages available, including the ability to make their own videos in HD 1080p. 50+ templates, 40+ professional fonts, unlimited custom colors, video editing no watermark, 1,000,000+ photos & videos for your videos, add your logo as a corner watermark.
3. Business – € 39.99 per month. A 30-minute consultation with an industry expert is also available. 50+ templates, 40+ professional fonts, unlimited custom colors, video editing no watermark, 1,000,000+ photos & videos for your videos, add your logo as a corner watermark. License to resell to businesses.

The strengths of Animoto

Dimensions: among the numerous, you can also choose to set the 1: 1 square format, so that you can post your videos on Instagram while maintaining their quality and dimensions.
Templates: you can choose to use numerous ready-to-use templates, in order to speed up assembly times.
– The audience of your videos: when you create the video you can choose whether it will be intended for personal use, for business, for educational purposes, etc.
– The periodic offers that Animoto offers to its public to use the service.

What if I can’t edit my videos by myself?

No problem, I have the answer to this question. In case you are unable to create and edit a video by yourself but would still like to have a professional looking video this time too I suggest you take a look at Fiverr. Do you remember? Within my blog I wrote about this portal for buying and selling services for custom voice over services for videos and podcasts and guest posts, but Fiverr also dedicates a lot of space to the video sector.
By clicking here you can find numerous talented and reliable professionals who offer video creation services for any type of legal project: from yotube videos to product presentation videos of a particular brand. You can probably find the professional here who can help you with your video.


As I wrote to you a little while ago I never write about services in my blog without having tested them before, I have been using Animoto for quite some time and today I consider it one of the most complete, intuitive and quality video editing software for beginners. If you are a beginner and you are looking also for a custom voice over for your videos, you can read my article about it here.
I hope this article has helped you, if you have further questions about it, write them in the comments and I will reply as soon as possible. If you have already tried Animoto, write it anyway here, I will be happy to read your considerations in this regard.

You can try Animoto from here or buy a custom service here.
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Thank you!


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