Minimalist vector art portrait from 5$: a list of 10+ amazing illustrators!

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Vector art portrait from 5$: why should i have one made?

In recent years, and especially with the growth of digital, vector art has been able to conquer people’s hearts more and more, becoming one of the most popular genres for home decoration, gift ideas … and not only. So today, I’m going to talk to you about how you could have a custom illustration made for as little as $ 5.

I hope today’s article will be particularly useful to you in case you plan to see one of your photos transformed into a vector art. In this article I will give you a vector art definition (with a particular focus on minimalist portrait) and I will suggest a number of excellent commissioned illustrators who could perhaps help you make a custom illustration.

But let’s take a step back: what is a vector illustration?

As described briefly by Wikipedia, in simple words, vector graphics are a technique of representing an image, or of a typeface generated by a computer, in which the graphic elements that constitute it are a set of geometric primitives, to which colors and even shades can be attributed.

There are numerous types of vector illustrations, but as you have surely read, this is a blog based on a minimalist design so in this article I want to focus on minimalist illustrations. As suggested by the words “minimal” or “minimalist”, a minimalist illustration is a type of illustration (photo illustration or digital drawing) that keeps only the essential elements of a given subject.

I show you an example of a minimalist vector illustration:

Why should I have a vector illustration?

The answer is simple: in most cases, an illustration is very versatile and can suit many occasions, including:

  • Image for social networks: you can decide to set it as the profile image of your social channels and use it for every need;
  • Gifts: whether it’s a Christmas or birthday present, it doesn’t matter. Giving an illustration as a gift can often prove to be a winning move and particularly appreciated by the person you decide to give it to;
  • Posters and greeting cards: illustrations are also particularly suitable for creating personalized and very special posters or greeting cards;
  • See your photos with different eyes: sometimes it takes very little to give an extra detail to your photos.
Here is one of the minimalist illustrations I made. Order your mini illustration now  

Where and how can I have a minimalist vector art portrait (and not only)?

Again, the answer is simple. On the web you will find many qualified and excellent illustrators who create vectored art. So today, after a lot of research, I have selected some commissioned illustration artists (in my opinion) make an amazing illustrations at an affordable price. The following illustrators create customized illustrations within their websites, social profiles or Fiverr.

Fiverr is a website where you can safely buy personalized services starting from the sum of $5 (one more reason to have a quality illustration created).

In particular, I decided to group (in a completely random way) some of the illustrators from all over the world who offer commissioned illustration services within the Fiverr portal following these criteria:

  1. Talent, professionalism and reliability: all the illustrators I have chosen to mention in this article are excellent, professional and reliable artists, as you can read in the reviews of each individual artist.
  2. Low prices: most illustrators who sell their services on commission on Fiverr start at a figure of $ 5 for the creation of a custom illustration. So, vector art portrait price vary according to the figure you would like to have illustrated (portrait, half-length, etc.), based on the addition of any background etc. So if you decide to give a gift to a loved one or to yourself, you are really spoiled for choice. Below is a list of artists who could give you more ideas for portrait photography.
How can I buy an illustration on Fiverr?

It is very simple. Join on Fiverr (click here to join), and then, in case you decide to buy an illustration from one of the illustrators on this list, click on the name of the illustrator you choose and complete the purchase process. Don’t worry, when you decide to buy a service on Fiverr you have the opportunity to chat with the artist himself who will ask you for all the information you need to personalize your photo.

Here is the list of illustrators who make minimalist vector illustrations on commission:

(Prices updated to 2022)

Illustrations with slightly higher prices


T-Shirt Illustrators: click here

One line art illustrators: click here.

Illustrators who sell their works on commission within their website:

  • Gio Marsilio – an excellent illustrator who offers illustrations on commission; the illustration you find in this article is the result of his creativity. Prices vary based on the type of custom portraits you want to make.
  • LecosediAlice – she is Alice and she is an excellent Italian illustrator. She has an online shop where she realizes digital illustrations and custom objects such as canvas prints with illustrations. She is the talented illustrator who created this illustration that I posted on my instagram profile.
  • Mdotdesignco – one of the best illustrators on instagram who offers illustrations on commission even within her social media profile.


I hope this article has been helpful to you. Otherwise I will be happy to answer your questions or clarifications that you can leave below in the comments.

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