Terms and Conditions


1. definitions

To allow a complete understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions, the following terms, in the singular and plural, will have the meaning indicated below:

  • Owner: the natural person who owns the website.
  • Application: the “Her creative details” website, www.hercreativedetails.co
  • Products: digital goods and services provided through the application.
  • User: any person who accesses and uses the application.
  • Consumer User: the natural person of age who concludes a contract for purposes unrelated to his business, commercial, craft or professional activity.
  • Non-Consumer User: the natural person of age or legal person who concludes a contract for the performance or for the needs of his own business, commercial, craft or professional activity.
  • Third Party Supplier: the natural or legal person, other than the Owner, who offers the products through the Application, acting in the exercise of his own commercial, craft or professional business.
  • Contents: any textual or multimedia element present on the application, by way of example ads, advertisements, reviews, images etc.
  • Conditions: this contract which governs the relationship between the Owner and the Users and the sale of products and / or services offered by the Owner through the application.

2. relationships between owner, third party supplier and users

The application hosts a website managed by the Owner that allows users interested in the Products and / or Services provided by the Owner to be in contact with products provided by Third Party Suppliers. In the Application it is always clearly indicated whether the product or service is provided by the Owner or by a Third Party Supplier.

When the products and/or services are offered by Third Party Suppliers, the owner is not part of the relationship that will be established exclusively between Users and Third Party Suppliers and does not assume any responsibility deriving from the relationships established between them, having to be considered as a mere technical manager of the Application. Therefore, any contract entered into between Third Party Suppliers and Users is not the subject of these Conditions.

Third Party Providers – the Third Party Providers present in the Application are attributable to the following affiliate and sales platforms: Shareasale.com, CreativeMarket.com, Society6.com, Amazon.it, Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de , UltimateBundle.com, ShopStyleCollective.com, Elementor.com, WordPress.com, Shutterstock.com, Fiverr.com and Google Adsense.

Therefore the Terms and Conditions of the Third Party Providers listed above are attributed to their Applications.

3. detailed information on the offer of the application

The Application provides Users with information products within it, or digital products that Users can download and use only and exclusively for personal use.

The type of digital products offered within the Application, therefore, are as follows: photographic filters for post-production of photographs, specifically presets for Adobe Lightroom and Actions for Adobe Photoshop; printables and e-books (i.e. printable files in PDF, PNG and / or JPEG format) for everyday life such as planners and / or calendars etc, premade and ready-to-use logos, exclusive fonts created by the owner, templates applicable to WordPress and online digital courses.

The Products and/or Services on the website via affiliate links and disclaimers are attributable to the Third Party Suppliers listed above and therefore are not subject to Conditions within the Application in question.

All digital products on this website (excluding digital courses) are sold under a commercial license.

We strongly recommend (before purchasing) reading the types of licenses offered here: Licenses of the products offered on the hercreaticedetails.com website.

4. scope of the conditions

The use of the Application implies the acceptance of the Conditions by the User. If the User does not intend to accept the Conditions, he will not be able to use the Application or the related services.

The Conditions can be changed at any time.

The applicable conditions are those in force on the date of transmission of the purchase order.

Before using the Application, the User is required to carefully read the Conditions and, not necessarily, to save them for any future consultations.

The Owner reserves the right to change the graphic interface of the Application at its discretion, at any time, even after the User has registered, communicating the relevant instructions within it and to the User.

5. purchase through the application

All products offered within the Application are described in detail in the relevant product pages (quality, features, availability, price of the product itself without additional VAT costs, delivery times, etc.).

As these are digital products, there may be some errors during the purchase of the Products themselves within the Application due to the temporary failure of the platform hosting the website; in the case of errors, please contact the Data Controller by email specifying the type of error found via the contact form on the website: the Data Controller will resolve the error as soon as possible and have the purchase to the User.

6. shipping methods and product delivery times through the application

Since these are digital products, there is no physical shipment of the product.

The shipping and purchase method is therefore a digital method.

When the purchase is concluded, an email will be sent by the Application with the next completed purchase notice. Subsequently, the download of the purchased digital file will take place automatically thanks to the Application and the purchased file will be delivered (and therefore available) in your email box (the one entered by the User during the purchase phase) starting from the minutes following the purchase until the following working days.

The Owner is exempt from any download errors due to the operation of the platform and the Application themselves. In the event of an error, as indicated in the previous paragraph, the User is obliged to contact the Owner by email specifying the type of error found using the contact form on the website: the Owner will resolve as soon as possible the error and to have the User complete the purchase.

In case of purchase of Services, the User must complete the purchase within the Application of the Third Party Provider “Fiverr.com” as expressly indicated on the Services page.

7. payment methods accepted within the application

The application described in this document (www.hercreativedetails.com) accepts the following payment methods by third party services: Paypal and Stripe (Credit Cards).

Other methods not present in this document are not accepted within this Application.

Please enter only the necessary information of the User when purchasing the product to ensure greater safety during the purchase itself.

8. returns and refunds of the product purchased within the application

Since these are digital products, there are no returns of the purchased product and/or refunds of the amount of money expressed on the product page used for the purchase itself.

This choice is also justified by the nature of the digital products offered and by the failure to physically ship the products.

The User is requested to read the next paragraph regarding the 30 days available for reporting errors.

9. guarantees of the product purchased within the application

In case of non-functioning of sections or the graphic error of the digital product, the User is obliged to contact the Owner by email specifying the type of error found through the contact form on the website: the Owner will provide as soon as possible to verify the failure or graphic error of the product, and in the event that it deems it necessary to correct any error and / or replace the Product itself with a revised version in the same purchase format, to in order to guarantee the User a better shopping experience.

The User has a period of 30 days available for reporting any errors to the Owner.

10. right to use the product purchased in the application by the user

All products offered by the Owner on the website are intended solely and exclusively for personal use.

The purchased product cannot in any way be offered for sale by third parties or other persons outside the owner himself or used for commercial purposes.

Otherwise, the Owner has the right to report in the legal office the lack of right to personal use by the User.

11. termination of the contract of the conditions within the application

When the User decides to proceed with the purchase of a product within the Application, he undertakes to enter into a sort of purchase contract by entering the sensitive data requested. The purchase contract terminates immediately after the purchase of the product and at the end of the 30 days available for the product warranty.

Type and purpose of sensitive data collected within this website and use of cookies for User navigation within the Application itself

For more information on this, the User is requested to carefully read the Privacy & Cookie Policy page of the Application itself.



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