Tailwind tribes: how to increase your blog traffic with Pinterest tribes

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Today I’ll explain how you can increase your blog traffic thanks to the power of Tailwind tribes. Keep reading this article.


What is Tailwind and why is it important?

As stated at the beginning of this article, Tailwind is one of the most important tools for Pinterest and for blog traffic. Having been a huge fan and customer of this tool for years, and without wanting to exaggerate, I can definitely say that Tailwind is the most powerful tool for Pinterest and for your blog traffic coming from Pinterest itself. If you keep reading, you will also understand the reason for this statement.

Today I am going back to talk to you about this tool, focusing on another important aspect that I had not yet explored in my blog: the Tailwind tribes used to increase the traffic of a blog.

But first, let’s take a small step back.

When I told you in these articles about what Pinterest is and the importance of this social network for promoting a blog, I also explained to you what Tailwind is and how you can use it.

If we had to do a quick review, we can say without a shadow of a doubt that Tailwind is a tool that helps bloggers around the world and marketers to manage and share other users’ content on Pinterest and Instagram.

By focusing on Pinterest, if you decided to use Tailwind, among the benefits you would certainly have:

  • The ability to schedule your posts (or pins) on Pinterest monthly.
  • The drastically reduction of your “social” and “OMG, I have to think every day about all the content to post during the months”.
  • The ability to use Tailwind groups and tribes that help you drive traffic to your blog.
  • The opportunity to schedule your posts within the various groups with a click.
  • The chance to triple your free time and think (also) of other things.
  • The use of software with a simple and intuitive interface.
  • A team of professionals available to help you in case of difficulty.

No, I’m not exaggerating. I didn’t write this article to make fun of my blog readers, but because I’ve been through it too.

I understand you perfectly. I know what it means to run a blog and often feel the stress of having to do several things at the same time: create an editorial calendar for your blog articles, create photos and pins to promote your articles, study the most suitable keywords for your posts , check the views of your articles and always look for ways to increase them more. All this requires a great passion but also a lot of time and energy.

It is normal to feel a bit of stress, we human beings cannot be doing a thousand things at the same time, we are human beings not robots.

That’s why Tailwind can really help you and it could be the right choice for you too, just as it was for me.

Before continuing to explain the best part of this tool, I just tell you that Tailwind allows all beginner bloggers to use their services even for an initial trial period totally free (to be precise, a free month which corresponds to $ 15 in gift for you), before deciding whether to continue using it or not!

Save $ 15 and try Tailwind for free by clicking here.


Tailwind tribes: what are they?

Do you know the Facebook groups in which each person can publish a post and can interact with the other users of the group? Here, the Tailwind tribes are more or less the same thing, but they have a greater power mainly due to “word of mouth” and users.

A “tribe” is a group of people who actively share their Pinterest content with each other with the aim of increasing the visibility of each pin within the tribes. Each tribe has precise rules to respect (as well as Facebook groups), so if you decide to post your pin within a tribes of your choice, many users will in turn share your pin within their Pinterest profiles bringing you further visibility, obviously you too will have to reciprocate the sharing of their pins on your profile, as per regulation.

Important: attention, the tribes themselves are visible only and exclusively on Tailwind, so you cannot search for them on Pinterest (unlike the boards, which I will tell you about later).

However, the pins that you will share through the tribes are regularly visible on Pinterest.

What are the benefits of the tribes?

The Tailwind tribes have greater power than Pinterest boards, so if you decide to subscribe to the tribes, the benefits are certainly multiple. In addition to those listed at the beginning of this article, by subscribing to the tribes you will surely have:

  • The ability to make your posts known to a specific and sectorialized audience – this can help you increase the number of readers of your blog;
  • The ability to find a specific audience REALLY interested in your posts.

Costs and limits of the tribes?

The tribes themselves are free. As I explained to you at the beginning of this article, Tailwind is an online software (in English) that is easy to use: but it is mainly professional software.

It is used by beginner and advanced bloggers all over the world with great success, but it is still professional software and as such it has several monthly and annual subscription plans that offer you all the features indefinitely.

Here is an overview of Tailwind’s annual plans for Pinterest:

  • With the basic “Tailwind Plus” plan ($ 15 monthly subscription or $ 119 yearly) you will have the opportunity to join 5 tribes, you will be able to publish 30 monthly pins within them and you can program unlimited pins even directly on Pinterest.
  • With the basic “Tailwind Plus + Tribes Pro” plan ($ 13 monthly subscription or $ 159 annual) you will have the opportunity to join 10 tribes, you will be able to publish 80 monthly pins within them and you can program unlimited pins even directly on Pinterest.
  • With the advanced plan “Tailwind Plus + Tribes Max” ($ 16 monthly subscription or $ 199 yearly) you will have the possibility to join an unlimited number of tribes, you can publish 200 monthly pins within them and you can program unlimited pins also directly on Pinterest .
  • With the advanced plan “Tailwind Plus + Tribes Unlimited” ($ 30 monthly subscription or $ 359 yearly) you will have the possibility to join an unlimited number of tribes, you will be able to publish unlimited monthly pins within them and you can program unlimited pins also directly on Pinterest .

Please, attention: I really advise you to continue using this software even after the trial month has expired, because it is really worth it.

Tailwind often offers numerous offers for its users, so I recommend that you check the details of the offers carefully and choose the plan that best suits your needs. If you are a beginner blogger or if you have a small business, I recommend the first two offers, if you are an advanced blogger instead, the last two.

Just like facebook groups, you can choose to join the tribes that best suit your needs based on the topic you prefer.

Here’s how you can search and join your favorite tribes:

  • Log in or register to Tailwind from your computer;
  • In the menu on the left click on “Tribes”> “Find a tribe”
  • Click on the tribes link below or enter their name on the Tribes section of Tailwind.


Basic tips for using tribes successfully

  1. Join only the tribes that most align with the topic of your blog. Example: you are a food blogger specializing in sweets and therefore yours is a blog about sweets. Well, mainly look for tribes dedicated to sweets and leave the tribes dedicated to bloggers specialized in other things in the background. So you can find people who are really interested in your micro niche.
  2. Always read the rules of each tribes you want to join first. In case you fail to comply, the administrators are allowed to kick you out of the tribe, so pay attention.
  3. Don’t post too many pins in the same tribe, but diversify the pin types.

Example: put pin A in tribe 1, pin B in tribe 2 and so on. By doing so, you will always post new pins (or “fresh content”) in the tribes.

Differences between tribes and boards

Both tribes and boards can both be used for your profile. The main differences between Tailwind tribes and boards are:

  • The tribes are visible only on Tailwind, while the boards are also visible on Pinterest;
  • If you manually post your posts on Pinterest, then boards are more suitable for your needs, if you want to post your posts automatically, then tribes are the best solutions.
  • Tribes have more power than boards, so they could help you more in increasing your blog traffic.

Tailwind Tribes list

I’ll give you a gift, I’m sure it could be useful. I make you a list of some of the best Tribes that you can subscribe to for free to increase your blog traffic. The following tribes have the following theme: lifestyle and blogging.

I will suggest different tribes to which you can also subscribe with the basic Tailwind plan (which provides for the subscription to five tribes).

I will periodically update the list of tribes in this article, so I suggest you check this article often and subscribe to my blog newsletter for tribes updates.

Log in or register on Tailwind from here and then click on the tribe name to sign up for it (or enter their name on the Tribes section of Tailwind).

  • Bloggers Chalkboard – una tribe composta da bloggers che aiutano altri bloggers ad aumentare il traffico dei propri articoli a tema “blogging”;
  • Blogging + Income Tips, Strategies – a tribe that contains some practical tips and strategies for bloggers;
  • Adrian’s Tribe – all niches – a tribe that encompasses all “lifestyle” themed categories, from food bloggers to beauty bloggers. Here you can share all kinds of articles, always following the rules of the tribe.
  • Happiness & Wellness Bloggers – a tribe dedicated to all “wellness bloggers” or all bloggers who deal with well-being and personal growth.
  • Women and Mental Health – this is also a tribe dedicated to all women “wellness bloggers” who deal with well-being and personal growth.
  • Emotional Health – a growing tribe wellness theme that promotes personal emotions and positive;
  • Home Worth Dreaminghome decor inspiration, home renovations DIY and more;
  • Creative Entrerpreneurs – digital marketing tips and more;

I hope this article has been helpful to you, otherwise I will be happy to answer your questions or clarifications that you can leave below in the comments.

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Thanks for reading!

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