• Brand style guidelines templateBrand style guidelines template:

    Brand style guidelines template


    Elevate your brand with precision-crafted Brand Style Guidelines Template! Seamlessly maintain coherence across all elements with Canva’s user-friendly templates, ensuring unmistakable identity at every touchpoint. Streamline your branding process and unlock consistency now – choose between 2 elegant designs: Thalie Leroy and Enora Caron Studio!

  • Travel Planner


    Do you have to go on a trip but you don’t know how to organize it in detail? It is normal, our mind cannot always keep a thousand pieces of information at the same time, it is often necessary to keep a sort of travel planner (or journal).

    This file could solve these problems: its purpose, in fact, is to simplify your days by allowing you to write down on it in an orderly way the main information important for any of your travels.

    The keywords of the design of this product are always the following: simplicity, relaxation, minimalism and elegance. Keep reading for all details.