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When we decide to keep our nutrition under control, we often write down the many things to keep in mind in dozens of loose sheets or notebooks. So, at times, we end up losing some useful information that we had previously noted.

Like all the printables in my shop, Weekly Meal Plan is also a printable in PDF format that could help you. In fact, it was created with the aim of grouping all the useful information within a single file that you can print whenever you want to keep track of the particular type of diet that you decide to follow.

Specifically, Weekly Meal Plan contains the following sections:

  • “What not to eat” – a section where you can write down all the foods to avoid divided by category. Whether it’s due to food intolerance or otherwise, it doesn’t matter. You can write all this down here.
  • “Shopping list” – is the so-called shopping list. A section where you can write down all the foods you need to buy for your diet and the budget you intend to spend on shopping during the week.
  • “Type of diet to follow” – is the section dedicated to the type of diet or diet that you must follow. Here you can write down the foods you need to eat.
  • “Weekly Meal Plan” – is a weekly summary plan where you have to write down the following information for each day of the week: breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. You can use this planner to plan your week and record all relevant information here, including your ideal weight.



  • Week Meal Plan – printable in English only (PDF, A4 format, 52 pages).
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