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The five minute Journal is a type of personal diary, whose official birth can be traced back to 2013 thanks to the idea of ​​Alex Ikonn and UJ Ramdas. In Italy, there is no single true universal equivalent, but if we had to give a definition, we could say that the Five minute Journal is very similar to the gratitude journal.

So “The five minute Journal” is a type of journal set “to questions”, which aims to push all of us to focus for five minutes on the positive aspects and therefore educate ourselves to positivity and gratitude, starting from the aspects positives smaller than our days to which we ourselves tend to attach little importance.

I have some additional tips for you on the five journal here: The five minute Journal – what it is and how to make your own.

What is your The five minute Journal and what does it include?

My “The five minute Journal – printable” is a simple digital file (it can be purchased by choosing between two different types) inspired to personal growth planners, for all those who intend to create a sort of DIY The five minute Journal.

You can have your file printed and bound in seconds like a real book!

This digital file can be purchased by choosing between two different types:

  1. In a printable version;
  2. In a Canva editable version .

This file, the five minute journal, is built as a true journal and contains the following questions:

“Today my goals are”;
“Today I want”;
“One thing for which I was grateful today”;
“An obstacle that I have overcome today”;
“A beautiful thing that happened today”;
“What could I do today to make this day better”.

Keep reading description of this template and read other unique resources here.

Canva editable Version
Printable Version - Standard PASTEL GREEN
Printable - Design #1
Printable - Design #2
Printable - Design #3
Printable - Design #4
  • Safe purchase Rest assured, on this website you can shop safely. It is all transparent and real.

general features of the product based on the type you choose:

1. Printable version

You can choose between 4 soft pastel cover designs or one standard pastel green cover.

Features of each printables file: 100 pages, 512x800px, only English languages ready to be printed.

Features of standard pastel green cover: both English and Italian languages ready to be printed.

2. Canva editable version
It is a 10-page (only in english language, 512x800px – standard pastel green cover design) template with a minimalist, clean and essential style that can be edited in a few minutes exclusively with Canva, so once you have registered and/or downloaded the app official, you can start editing.

By purchasing this “The five minute Journal” – Canva editable version you can:

  • Change the color of the template
  • Change the template font
  • Add the text of your choice
  • Add custom pages
  • Duplicate existing pages (the total pages of the template with Canva Free can reach a maximum of 100)
  • Remove the pages you don’t care about
  • Add your name and website at the end of the project
  • Sell ​​the final result of your custom template within your shop, thanks to the commercial license of the file.

Attention: this original file that you find in my shop cannot be put up for sale. You can only sell your pre-customized template.

You cannot, however:

  • Remove the words “Created by” at the end of the back cover of the template
  • Sell ​​this original file from my shop.



  • The direct link of the template to edit the file directly in Canva or a printable file you choose;
  • The terms of use of the product in English.


  • Canva – desktop version and/or official app to edit the template and a PDF reader.


Note: Refunds are not accepted as these are digital products. For more info on this, read the Terms and ConditionsLicenses and the Privacy and Cookie Policy of this website.

The download takes place automatically immediately after completing the purchase. If not, or for any mistake, contact me by email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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