Soft Pastel Social Media Canva Templates


I introduce you my “Soft Pastel Social Media Canva Templates”. This is a mega bundle of templates for social media that contains 3 collections of Canva editable templates: Instagram templates, Facebook covers templates and Pinterest templates.

All these templates have a minimalist style and pastel colors and are ready to use for your social media. So, minimalist, simplicity and delicacy are the keywords that represent and summarize these Canva editable templates.

You can decide to buy them all together in one mega bundle or buy them individually according to your needs.

In short, the three templates packs include:
1. Soft Pastel Instagram Canva Templates: templates for your posts and stories.

2. Soft Pastel Facebook Covers Canva Templates: templates for your facebook covers.

3. Soft Pastel Pinterest Canva Templates: templates for your pins.

Precisely for this reason, these canva templates are suitable for everyone, but especially for:

  • Bloggers;
  • Influencers;
  • E-commerce owners.

Keep reading the detailed description of all the packs of this blundle and if you like, use the hashtag #hercreativedetails on social networks to show the final result of templates.

Mega bundle (3 packs)
Instagram canva editable templates
Facebook covers canva editable templates
Pinterest canva editable templates
  • Safe purchase Rest assured, on this website you can shop safely. It is all transparent and real.
IMPORTANT: please, make a copy of the original project (or template) BEFORE editing this template itself and make your changes on the copy of my template. That way no one else can edit your design on Canva and my original template won’t be altered.

General pack features:

I. Instagram canva editable templates: Instagram post template size: 1080px x 1080px & Instagram story template size: 1080px x 1920px.

*Specifically, this pack includes:
1. Instagram Post pack:
  • 4 Quotes post (3 static post and 1 animated post)
  • 5 Long quotes post
  • 4 About me / My story post
  • 3 New blog post
  • 1 Product Post
  • 7 Shop Sale post
  • 1 Top three sales shop to do list post
  • 1 Long text post
  • 1 Infogramma post
  • 2 Follow me post
  • 4 Thank you post
2. Instagram Story Pack:
  • 2 Quotes post (1 static Story and 2 animated Story)
  • 1 Long quotes Story
  • 3 About me / My story post (3 static Story and 1 animated Story)
  • 3 New blog post Story (1 static Story and 2 animated Story)
  • 3 Shop Sale Story
  • 2 Follow me Story

II. Facebook covers canva editable templates: Facebook cover template size: 851px x 315px .

*Specifically, this pack includes: 18 Facebook cover templates

III. Pinterest canva editable templates: Pin template size: 735px x 1260px .

*Specifically, this pack includes: 13 Pin templates

General product features:

  • High quality templates.
  • Ready to use.
  • Colors, text and images can be changed.
  • Available in English (if it doesn’t fit, you can change the text and insert the new text in the language you want)
  • Direct link to the template – the template (created with Canva Free) that you will purchase will not arrive in your email box in pdf or similar format but will be present in the zip file in the form of a link within a document in .txt format. To use it, you need to extract it from the zip archive, and after registering on Canva, copy it to your browser (computer). The link will be directed to Canva and ready to use. If you still have doubts, you can consult this tutorial in English.


– Direct links of pack you choose to edit the files directly on Canva.
– The terms of use of the product in English.

Canva – desktop version and/or official app.

Credits – Cover image: Other images used for the presentation of this items are not included in the download of the zip file.

Note: Refunds are not accepted as these are digital products. For more info on this, read the Terms and ConditionsLicenses and the Privacy and Cookie Policy of this website.

The download takes place automatically immediately after completing the purchase. If not, or for any mistake, contact me by email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Attention: this original file you find in my shop cannot be put up for sale. You can only sell your pre-customized template.
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