Podcast Cover Canva Templates (Vol.1)


Do you love simplicity and minimalist style and are you going to make a personal podcast? Well then you are in the right place!
This is a collection of Canva templates ready to be modified or used that allow you to create the cover for your podcast with a minimalist, essential, clean and elegant style so that the message you want to communicate in your podcast immediately reaches whoever listen to it without too many distracting elements in your cover. So with these podcast cover art for canva you can create your podcast cover in minutes!

Specifically, the collection includes:

  • 19 Podcast Canva cover templates


By purchasing these templates you can:

  • Change the color of the template
  • Change the template font
  • Add the text of your choice
  • Add custom pages
  • Duplicate existing pages (the total pages of the template with Canva Free can reach a maximum of 100)
  • Remove the pages you don’t care about
  • Add your website and nickname at the bottom of the images
  • Sell ​​the final result of your custom template within your shop, thanks to the commercial license of the file.


  • Safe purchase Rest assured, on this website you can shop safely. It is all transparent and real.

general features of this product:

  • High quality templates – template sizes: 1500px x 1500px.
  • Podcast cover art: ready for use.
  • Colors, text and images can be changed.
  • Available in English (if it doesn’t fit, you can change the text and insert the new text in the language you want)
    Direct link to the template – the template (created with Canva Free) that you will purchase will not arrive in your email box in pdf or similar format but will be present in the zip file in the form of a link within a document in .txt format. To use it, it is necessary to extract it from the zip archive, and after registering on Canva, copy it to your browser (computer). The link will be directed to Canva and ready to use. If you still have doubts, you can consult this tutorial in English.
  • The images and logos are not present in the templates.


the zip file includes:

  • The text file that contains the direct link of the templates to edit the files directly on Canva.
  • The terms of use of the product in English.

Attention: this original file you find in my shop cannot be put up for sale. You can only sell your pre-customized template.

Note: Refunds are not accepted as these are digital products. For more info on this, read the Terms and ConditionsLicenses and the Privacy and Cookie Policy of this website.

The download takes place automatically immediately after completing the purchase. If not, or for any mistake, contact me by email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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