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All these light and airy presets for Lightroom are created with the aim of simply brightening your photos and giving them an “extra professional touch of delicacy” by accentuating details and colors in a delicate way. So, simplicity and delicacy are the keywords that represent and summarize the final effect of these presets. So for this very reason, these presets are extremely versatile and can be used, for example, for photos of fashion, kids, travel or lifestyle.

Please, note: The final result of these presets is never 100% the same as the presentation images and varies slightly according to the original parameters of the photo in which you use it. It is advisable to adjust each parameter of the presets (in particular the parameters of the red color and the more vivid colors) according to the result you want to obtain.

All presets within this product are always being updated and you can find new ones right here – you can decide to buy them individually by choosing the preset you like best.


airy preset for travelers
lovely terrace preset
delicate symphony preset
empathic light preset
enlightened minimal romance preset
greek summer style preset
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Please, note: Each presets contains several versions. You will find presets only for Lightroom Desktop and presets only for Lightroom Mobile and presets for both. Check the description of each individual preset as you add it to your cart to see all the detailed information of each preset.

Requirements: Adobe Lightroom Destktop and Mobile Versions.


  • The preset you choose for Adobe Lightroom Desktop or/and Mobile
  • The terms of use of the product in English

Credits: the photos used for the presentation are not included in the download of the zip file.

Note: Refunds are not accepted as these are digital products. For more info on this, read the Terms and ConditionsLicenses and the Privacy and Cookie Policy of this website.

The download takes place automatically immediately after completing the purchase. If not, or for any mistake, contact me by email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

How can import a Lightroom Preset? Here you can find my tutorial.

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