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The bullet journal is a type of “agenda” built according to your needs which aims to organize our daily life: things to do, events, bills to pay and everything that is part of our daily life.

As explained by Ryder Carroll in the Bullet Journal Method, using the writing method can be very useful for organizing aspects of one’s daily life. The Bullet Journal, in fact, allows you to keep all the necessary information in a single notebook (or document): for this reason, this method can help you be more efficient and productive and reduce some stress.

As stated by Carroll, “The Bullet Journal is more than just a method of organizing your notes and preparing to-do lists. It’s about what I call conscious living: breaking free from distractions and using the time and energy to pursue what really matters, at work and in your private life. It’s a tremendous help in learning to spend more time doing what you love, drastically reducing the number of things you do. ”

The Bullet Journal in this shop is therefore a digital file inspired by the official method of the bullet journal with a minimalist and essential pastel beige design.

Specifically, this Bullet Journal contains the following sections:

  • Personal data sheet: here you can enter your personal data;
  • Key: a section where you can enter the legend of the general symbols you will use in the journal;
  • Color code: a section where you can enter the meaning and codes of the colors you decide to use;
  • Future Log: a section where you can write down important generic information;
  • Monthly Log: a section where you can write down important monthly information;
  • Daily Log: a section where you can write down important daily information;
  • Last time that ..?: A section where you can write down a specific activity you have carried out and its possible renewal date;
  • General final revision: a last section where you can write down the important and less important things to do or to remember.

My file in this shop (20 pages in A5 format) can be purchased by choosing between two different types:

  1. Bullet Journal: PDF Printable – if you choose this option, you can purchase the PDF file that you can print however you want. You cannot change the pages of the document, but only have it printed as many times as you want, choosing which pages to duplicate for printing.
  2. Bullet Journal: Canva editable template – if you choose this option, you purchase the direct link to the file which you can edit online with Canva. By purchasing this type of file, you can change the color, text and duplicate the pages according to your needs (Canva free: you can create a maximum of 100 pages, Canva Pro: unlimited pages) and you can have it printed as you like. You cannot, however, remove the essential elements, the credits of the document or relist the original document



general features of the product:

  • A5: The document is made in high quality and in A5 format.
  • PDF file ready for printing or direct link for editing.
  • This file with is available (at the moment) only in English in both versions: therefore, if you choose to purchase the version to be modified, you can decide to change the text and enter the language you prefer.
  • Direct link to the template – the template (created with Canva Free) you will purchase will not arrive in your email box in pdf or similar format but will be present in the zip file as a link within a document in .txt format. To use it, you need to extract it from the zip archive, and after registering on Canva, copy it to your browser (computer). The link will be directed to Canva and ready to use. If you still have doubts, you can consult this tutorial in English.


  • N ° 1 Bullet Journal (pastel beige color) in English (A5);
  • The terms of use of the product in English.


  • Canva – desktop version and / or official app: only if you decide to buy the version to edit online.


Attention: The original file itself cannot in any way be offered for sale by other people other than the owner himself or used for commercial purposes. It can only be printed and used for personal use. For doubts or clarifications, send me an email before making the purchase.

Note: Refunds are not accepted as these are digital products. For more info on this, read the Terms and Conditions, Licenses and the Privacy and Cookie Policy of this website.

The download takes place automatically immediately after completing the purchase. If not, or for any mistake, contact me by email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


PDF Printable Version, Canva editable template version

5 reviews for Bullet Journal

  1. Isabella

    Scusa, non sono molto pratica. Quindi ho delle domande, si può usare anche senza stamparli? una volta stampati devo andare in tipografia per farmi rilegare un agenda? o si adattano alle agende ad anelli?

    • Rodì

      Se acquisti la versione stampabile devi necessariamente utilizzarli solo dopo averli stampati, se acquisti la versione da editare puoi modificare il file con Canva aggiungendo il testo che vuoi. Puoi farli stampare come preferisci, si adattano grossomodo ad ogni tipo di stampa. Ovviamente se parli di rilegatura con gli anelli grossi ti suggerisco di far controllare prima la tipologia di stampa.

  2. M.Claudia

    L’idea mi piace molto, mi hai chiarito il funzionamento di questo tipo d’agenda, ne ho viste molte in giro ma non mi era ben chiaro cosa farci. Io ho sempre usato quella classica , ma c’é una cosa che non mi convince molto, l’idea di stamparla (la mia stampante é un rottame) e come tipografa faccio pena, preferirei qualcosa di pronto con una copertina rigida che non si rovina in borsa.

  3. Katrin Poe Mg

    Uso il bullet da quasi due anni ormai, ma la versione cartacea ossia quaderno e penna, quello che Ryder Carrol ci tiene a specificare è che questo metodo serve non solo a mettere in chiaro il passato, pianificare il presente e definire il futuro, ma è un’ottimo metodo per scaricarsi, scrivere a mano serve per alleggerire la mente, fa bene ed è terapeutico, in un momento come questo storico in cui viviamo perennemente invaso dai mezzi elettronici e digitali penso che ritagliarsi due minuti per prendere una penna e scrivere due righe possa davvero servire, cme momento solo per noi, ovviamente quest è unmetodo flessibile adattabile a qualunque esigenza, quindi una versione digitale potrebbe benissimo sostituire un’agenda che potrebbe essere ingombrante da portare in borsa, bel blog complimenti.

  4. Roby

    Dopo anni di post-it attaccati su ogni superficie possibile, per poi dimenticarmi di leggerli ho deciso di acquistare la versione Bullet Journal: PDF Printable . E’ un validissimo aiuto nell’organizzazione quotidiana, lo consiglio assolutamente 🙂
    Reputo molto interessante anche l’altra versione e probabilmente la acquisterò per regalarla ad un’amica tecnologica che preferisce organizzare tutto in via digitale!

  5. Zelda

    E’ il primo Bullet semplice e completo. L’idea di poter scegliere due formati è molto comoda. Si ha la possibilità di stamparli quante volte voi e non devi spendere molto.

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