Printable Gratitude Journal


Elevate your well-being with this digital Gratitude Journal – available as a downloadable PDF or fully editable format for a personalized journey of mindfulness and positivity.

journal sections: how it works?

This digital gratitude journal is a type of personal journal created “with questions”, which is intended to encourage all of us to focus for five minutes on the positive aspects of our days and our life that we are grateful for. The PDF gratitude journal has a very simple structure, which is why it can easily be created by ourselves at home as well.


What will you get from me?

Specifically, this journal contains the following sections:

a. Morning questions:

“Things I’m thankful for today”
“Things that would make today a better day”
“Positive affirmation about myself: I am …”

b. Evening questions:

“Significant things that happened today and that I want to remember”
“What could I have done today to improve my day?”

A week of visual gratitude. A section where you can add an image a day that has a special meaning for you and to be grateful for.

A section where you can add personal extra notes.

Two pages where you can summarize your gratitude journey with the quote you think is most appropriate.

A single page to sum up your gratitude experience.


You can buy this digital product in four different ways: either in pdf format directly ready to print, in canva editable version, in template format for goodnotes or as a mega bundle (Pdf + Canva and GoodNotes templates, all together!).

what you will have

General product features

  • A4 Size: 21,0 cm x 29,7 cm. High quality digital document, English language;
  • Numbers of pages: 300;
  • Ready for use and print ready PDF file;
  • Direct link after the purchase process to download the purchased product in a few minutes. In case of errors, contact me by mail.
  • Standard Commercial use.

*You can use it in commercial contexts (directly attaching the direct purchase link) but you cannot resell this product in any way. Otherwise you may be subject to criminal prosecution, read here my license terms.


This is a digital file loosely inspired by the Gratitude Journal. No files have been copied nor any licenses have been violated. This file was designed and created from scratch for informal personal use. Click here to purchase my previous designs of this product. If you choose the GoodNotes template, you can find numerous tutorials on YouTube on how to import a GoodNotes file.


* the testimonials are all real and were collected privately a few weeks after the customer’s purchase.