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More than 200 page, single post and block templates ready to use and mix together to create the design of your dreams. Keep reading all the features or purchase lifetime access to the Cloud.

Mix and match more than 200 templates in just a few seconds with a simple click

I introduce you the Her Creative Details Kadence Cloud – where innovation meets design excellence. Elevate your website with this curated collection of artistic elements, offering seamless integration, infinite customization, and a one-click transformation. Unleash your creativity and redefine your online presence effortlessly with few clicks! Spoiler: no code skills required.

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What is the Her creative details Kadence Cloud?

The Kadence Cloud Library by Her creative details is an extremely versatile templates library and has been designed for each individual niche so that its strategic sections can help everyone convert visitors into potential customers. There are no limits or restrictions.

You need only a WordPress.org website, the Kadence Theme and the Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks plugin. 

What you should know about this Cloud:

  • Instant + lifetime key access;
  • 200+ ready to use templates;
  • Designed for every niche and for Kadence Theme;
  • Increase website speed & SEO rankings;
  • Designed for WooCommerce​ and for entrepreneurs;
  • Fully customizable design.
  • Responsive layout & Mobile friendly;

Who is this Cloud aimed at?

 It is perfect for all creative entrepreneurs (any niche) because it is a multi purpose cloud. Whether you’re a photographer, shop owner, event planner, coach, or anything else, this is truly a multipurpose block collection that looks good on anything, in any industry.

With this Cloud you will also have a text file with the exact colors and font names of the live demo of the collection and any links for separate purchase.

If you are a web designer purchase also theme + collection bundle:

Why should you choose my Her creative details Kadence Cloud?

No code skills

You don’t have to have code skills to use my templates. They are really designed for all website owners.

SEO Friendly & Responsive

Designed and optimized for all devices and for SEO.

Strategically designed

My mission is to cut your website design time in half while still giving you the opportunity to have a professional, simple and elegant website.

Kind words from Cloud buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

This Kadence Cloud Library is a curated collection of premium WordPress templates designed for use with the Kadence theme. It offers a diverse range of professionally crafted templates that can be easily imported and customized to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your website.

The only requirement to use these templates is to have an active and regularly installed Kadence theme within the website where you need to apply these templates.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s Kadence Free or Pro, the important thing is that it’s a Kadence theme.

It is also mandatory to have installed and activated the Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks plugin.

So, to summarize, you need only a WordPress.org website, the Kadence Theme and the Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks plugin. 

Obviously not! The official templates of the Kadence Theme can be found only and exclusively on the official Kadence website and are solely the property of the theme developers.

This Kadence Cloud that you see on this website is the exclusive Cloud of Her creative details and is not linked in any way to the official templates of the theme.

All the Her creative details Kadence Cloud templates you see here were created with the free version of Kadence but can also be used with Kadence Pro.
Therefore they are compatible with both Kadence Free and Pro versions.

No, sorry. No refunds are ever provided for all products sold within www.hercreativedetails.com. As themes, block collections, kadence cloud keys (and all the other digital products of the shop) are “files of a digital nature”, they cannot be returned or refunded. I can never accept refund requests after the purchase is made. Under no circumstances, sorry. So please, please view the item you are going to purchase, the live demo of the theme you intend to purchase or the theme documentation that you find within the support website and any features carefully and consciously BEFORE making the purchase. After that I cannot refund you in any way.

No, sorry. All templates of this Her creative details Cloud only work with the Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks (and builder) + Kadence Parent Theme. Therefore they will never work neither with Elementor Free, nor with Elementor Pro or other WordPress builders.

Don’t worry about this. Every time I add new templates to the Her creative details Cloud I will notify all subscribers to my newsletter via email, so I recommend you sign up so as not to miss updates on the templates. View this video tutorial about this topic.
Once you have access to the Cloud, you simply need to click on Design Library > and then on the two arrows at the top right, as in the following image:

Um, this is a bit of a complicated question. All the templates in this Her creative details Cloud were conceived and designed with Kadence as the parent theme, so they work excellently with the Kadence theme.
However, if you only and exclusively use the “Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks” plugin on your website, you can use these templates even if you have for example the Blocksy theme or any other Gutenberg-compatible theme on your website.
These templates do not work in any way with Elementor.

Yes, the designs of the templates will be the same as those of the live demo of the templates themselves.
Please, note: once you have applied the templates to your website, they will adapt to the current settings of your website, so the templates will have the fonts and colors that you previously set on your website. You can easily change them from your Dashboard > Customize > Fonts and typography (Kadence Theme).

Absolutely not. They are two distinct and separate things. By purchasing the HCD Cloud access key you will have direct (and lifetime) access “only” and exclusively to all 200+ elements of this library.

The themes and collections featured on Her creative details require a different purchase.