Janelle Kadence Block Collection


Janelle is a minimalist, modern, elegant, editorial, clean and versatile Kadence Block Collection for all creative entrepreneurs.

15+ full page designs

You have more than 15 full page and section designs strategically designed to convert visitors into potential buyers

Fully customizable design

You can change everything: fonts, colors, images and make it 100% personalized

Lifetime access

Each single purchase is a license that is valid for one application on one website. You will receive a txt file with the access key

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What is a Block Collection?

A Block Collection is a collection of full page designs as well as individual section designs from each of our themes. Block Collections are perfect for those that don’t want to change their current Kadence theme, but just want a refresh of the design of the pages themselves.

You need only a WordPress.org website, the Kadence Theme and the Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks plugin. 

What you should know about this Block Collection:

instant key access

Designed for every niche


DESIGNED FOR WOOCOMMERCE​ and for entrepreneurs

Who is this collection aimed at?

 It is perfect for all creative entrepreneurs (any niche) because it is a multi purpose collection. Whether you’re a photographer, shop owner, event planner, coach, or anything else, this is truly a multipurpose block collection that looks good on anything, in any industry.

Why should you choose the my Block Collections?

No code skills

You don't have to have code skills to use my collections. They are really designed for all website owners.

SEO Friendly & Responsive

Designed and optimized for all devices and for SEO.

Strategically designed

My mission is to cut your website design time in half while still giving you the opportunity to have a professional, simple and elegant website.

What do people who bought my collections say?


Most frequent questions and answers

No, sorry. My Block Collections only work with the Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks (and builder).

Therefore they will never work neither with Elementor Free, nor with Elementor Pro or other WordPress builders.

Absolutely not. All my Kadence Block Collections are built with the free version of Kadence, so you don’t have to have any paid kadence plugins, just a free kadence theme, installed, activated and updated.

Then if you want to purchase the free plugins for other reasons, you are completely free to do so. They are very useful.

The only three important requirements are:

1. Have a website on WordPress.org with a top-level domain.

2. The fee kadence theme, installed, activated and updated.

3. Install Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks plugin.


My blocks templates don’t work with WordPress.com, Showit, Shopify, Wix etc.

No, sorry. The blocks adopt the fonts and colors settings of your current kadence theme.

However, with the collection you will also receive a text file containing the names of the fonts I used and the hex colors of the collection itself.

Please note: imported and paid fonts or custom elements without a commercial license are never included.

If you need a paid font (or already have it installed on your website), you can import it or set it on individual pages.

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Start to elevate your website

My mission is to cut your website design time in half while still giving you the opportunity to have a professional, simple and elegant website.

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