Bundle of Her creative details


Introducing the “Bundle of Her Creative Details” – a one-of-a-kind offering that unlocks endless creativity. With three distinct bundles to choose from, this collection is your passport to a world of design possibilities. Best part? Pay once and enjoy a lifetime of access to my creative bundles, ensuring a perpetual source of inspiration at your fingertips. Elevate your projects with ease and make the most of your creative journey!

Type of bundles I offer:

Bundle 1: only all Themes

With this bundle you have immediate access only to all the themes of this shop: hello + kadence child themes.

Bundle 2: only all Block Collections

With this bundle you have immediate access only to all the kadence block collections of this shop.

Bundle 3: all Themes + Block Collections

With this bundle you have immediate access to both all the themes + all kadence block collections of this shop.

her creative details bundles

What if I told you that you only pay once and have a lifetime access?

Time gone by never comes back.

The thing I love most about the Kadence theme is that it allows me to be more creative without damaging websites. You love your job but sometimes you feel tired while building a website design from scratch and you would like to cut your work time in half. I completely understand and I do not judge you, for this very reason I come to meet you with a solution that is perfect for you.

And it doesn’t end here.


How does this sound to you?

Ready to use templates

Instantly elevate your website with Kadence Templates’ pre-designed layouts, ensuring a polished and professional look without the hassle. All templates are SEO ready.

Unleash your creativity

Combine elements of different themes together and let your creativity run wild. You use your favorite themes millions of times.

Pay only once in your entire life

Pay once in a single installation and get immediate, lifetime access to all elements of the bundle you choose.

Reduce work-related stress

Halve your work time by mixing the various pages or blocks of various different designs.

Type of bundles I offer

I believe that each of us has different needs, so for this reason, I offer three different types of bundles for every need.



  • Instant access to all themes only
  • No Block Collections
  • No Kadence Cloud



  • Instant access to all themes
  • Instant access to all Block Collections
  • No Kadence Cloud



  • Instant access to all Block Collections only
  • No Themes
  • No Kadence Cloud

Kind words from bundle buyers.

My bundles are perfect for:

Web Designers

Kadence Templates offer a playground for web designers, providing versatile and customizable layouts to bring their creative visions to life effortlessly.

Front-End Web Developers

Tailored for front-end developers, Kadence Templates streamline the design process with clean code and modular components, ensuring efficient and responsive web development.

Bloggers and Content Creators

Ideal for bloggers and content creators, Kadence Templates offer visually stunning layouts that effortlessly complement engaging content, enhancing the overall reader experience.


Empowering entrepreneurs, Kadence Templates deliver professional and polished designs that reflect the unique identity of businesses, making a lasting impression on their target audience.

Kadence lovers

Kadence lovers find a home in these templates, as they celebrate the brand’s commitment to quality, performance, and design aesthetics that resonate with a community of like-minded enthusiasts.

Creative Freelancers

Tailored for creative freelancers, Kadence Templates provide a canvas for showcasing diverse portfolios, ensuring freelancers stand out with visually striking and professionally crafted websites.

Main faqs of my bundles

You can use any bundle elements you choose for both personal and commercial projects. Each bundle includes the license for commercial use. You can use it whenever you want, both for yourself and for your clients.
You pay only once, and you use it a hundred, a thousand or two thousand times.

You CAN NOT sell or redistribute any part of my themes or block collections, and you are not allowed to charge an additional cost to your client specifically for the theme. You can read it my Terms and Conditions.

All those you see in the Her creative details shop.
Obviously the content of the bundles varies depending on the bundle you choose to purchase.

No, sorry. Since these are digital products I NEVER offer refunds for any bundle, theme, collection or product on sale in this shop.
You can also find this point in the Terms & Conditions.

No, sorry. I am not responsible for the creation, maintenance or bugs of your clients’ websites.
You can view Themes and Collections Support for any questions.Terms & Conditions.

No, sorry. The coupon is valid only for single purchases of themes and block collections.

No, sorry. They are two distinct things.