Serene Glow

brand summary

I Introduce you Serene Glow, where beauty meets tranquility. Serene Glow is not just an English skincare brand; it’s a journey back to the simple and pure essence of nature. With a commitment to simplicity and a dedication to harnessing the power of natural ingredients, Serene Glow invites you to embrace the beauty of simplicity in your skincare routine.

Their philosophy revolves around the belief that the purest elements from the earth can bring forth the most radiant glow. They carefully curate their products, combining simplicity with the richness of nature to create a harmonious blend that nurtures and revitalizes the skin.

At Serene Glow, they understand that true beauty lies in simplicity, and that’s why their products are thoughtfully crafted with minimalism in mind. They believe in the power of nature to enhance your skin’s natural brilliance, promoting a serene and luminous glow that radiates from within.​​​​​​​

brand keywords

elegance, simplicity, eco-sustainability.

my role in this project and my values

Branding design: logo, color palette, font suggestion, brand guidelines and website design.

To carry out this project I wanted to remain faithful to the power of “less-is-more”, offering a clean and refined aesthetic that lets the work shine without distractions. I believe that simplicity and elegance, in all their nuances, are the most powerful weapons when it comes to design.

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