Quiet Chic Clothing

brand summary

Quiet Chic Clothing, a haven of effortless elegance, embodies the essence of minimalism, simplicity, and comfort. Each garment is a whisper of style, meticulously crafted with clean lines, neutral hues, and a commitment to timeless sophistication – where the quiet beauty of simplicity meets the embrace of unparalleled comfort.

brand keywords

elegance, simplicity, comfort.

my role in this project and my values

Branding design: logo, color palette, font suggestion, brand guidelines and website design.

To carry out this project I wanted to remain faithful to the power of “less-is-more”, offering a clean and refined aesthetic that lets the work shine without distractions. I believe that simplicity and elegance, in all their nuances, are the most powerful weapons when it comes to design.

Kind words from the project owner. Thank you

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