brand summary

Introducing “Paoline,” an exquisite brand crafted by the visionary French fashion designer and image consultant, Paoline Delacroix. With a commitment to timeless values of simplicity and elegance, Paoline brings forth a collection that epitomizes sophistication in every stitch.

Paoline Delacroix, a name synonymous with refined taste, curates each piece with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a seamless blend of classic and contemporary elements. The Paoline brand is a celebration of minimalism and grace, where every design tells a story of timeless allure.

Embrace the essence of understated glamour with Paoline’s creations. From sleek silhouettes to effortlessly chic ensembles, each piece is a testament to Paoline Delacroix’s dedication to bringing out the innate elegance within every individual.

Discover a world where simplicity becomes a statement and elegance becomes a way of life. Paoline – where fashion meets timelessness, and each piece is a reflection of the enduring style advocated by Paoline Delacroix. Elevate your wardrobe, embrace simplicity, and redefine elegance with Paoline.

brand keywords

elegant, simple, sophisticated, classy, luxurious, elevated.

my role in this project and my values

Branding design: logo, color palette, font suggestion, brand guidelines.

To carry out this project I wanted to remain faithful to the power of “less-is-more”, offering a clean and refined aesthetic that lets the work shine without distractions. I believe that simplicity and elegance, in all their nuances, are the most powerful weapons when it comes to design.

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