Eulalia Delaney

brand summary

Eulalia Delaney is a dedicated pottery teacher renowned for her expertise in both traditional and contemporary ceramic techniques. With years of experience in pottery instruction, Eulalia has cultivated a passion for sharing her craft with aspiring artists worldwide. Through her engaging online courses, she empowers students of all levels to explore their creativity and master the art of pottery from the comfort of their own homes. Eulalia’s nurturing approach, combined with her comprehensive curriculum, ensures that each student receives personalized guidance and support as they embark on their pottery journey. As a mentor and advocate for the pottery community, Eulalia continues to inspire and uplift aspiring potters through her dynamic teaching style and unwavering dedication to the craft.

brand keywords

elegance, simplicity, minimalism.

my role in this project and my values

Branding design: logo, color palette, font suggestion, brand guidelines and website design.

To carry out this project I wanted to remain faithful to the power of “less-is-more”, offering a clean and refined aesthetic that lets the work shine without distractions. I believe that simplicity and elegance, in all their nuances, are the most powerful weapons when it comes to design.

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