“The happiness planner”: the personal growth planner we should all have

Today I am talking to you about “my five minute happiness diary” one of the most effective methods that aims to focus your energies towards your positive thoughts of the day.



The lifestyle of modern society is undoubtedly one of the most hectic. If we were to find an appropriate metaphor to represent, we could say without a shadow of a doubt that we humans tend to be “athletes”.

We always run towards destinations dear to us, we run quickly towards daily appointments that we fear not to arrive in time, and often, while we are on the move, we feel the effort of our race. Effort that prevents us from living our little special moments to the full, that prevents us from feeling our breath, effort that prevents us from giving the right value to the little daily things that we take for granted.

For this reason I only ask you for five minutes of your time. No matter the moment of the day (or the phase of your life) when you decide to carve out a small space just for you, 5 minutes are enough to get in touch with your breath and with the small gestures that can make you see your days from another point of view.

Whatever you are doing, set it aside for 5 minutes and start writing.

When I decided to write this article, I kept in mind the message I wanted to share with my readers: the power of writing as personal self-help, beyond sport, such as yoga.

Mine is a blog focused on lifestyle and photography, it is not a psychology blog, so this article is the result of a humble personal opinion.

If you follow my blog, you know that inside it and in my shop there are so-called “printables”, useful files in PDF format that can be printed and used for personal purposes.

In this regard, today I would like to point out “my happiness diary in five minutes” one of the most effective methods that aims to focus your energies towards your positive thoughts of the day.

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let’s talk about personal growth planners: what is “the happiness planner?”

It is no mystery that writing can bring benefits. The Happiness Planner is therefore a unique agenda planner. Instead of focusing on productivity, it focuses on “your happiness”. It is designed as a kind of happiness diary to help you welcome more positivity, joy and happiness into your life by practicing positive thinking, mindfulness for beginners (and not only), gratitude and personal growth. The goal is to make every day a positive experience, inserting introspection into your routine and increasing self-awareness.

In addition to the daily pages, this planner, structured like a 100-day planner, is packed with questions and guides that will help you become a happier and more positive person.

The planner is structured as follows:

  • Weekly plan
  • Weekly reflection
  • Daily pages (x 100)
  • Reflection on the 100 days
  • Daily inspirational quotes
  • Daily goals and focuses
  • Daily things to do
  • Exercises and meals
  • Daily reflection, gratitude record and positive affirmations

It is a planner in A5 size with lining and cover printed in gold foil available in different languages ​​and in different color variations, in fact one of its strengths is precisely this: the possibility to choose the most suitable language and color to your needs. Wait, it’s not over yet, keep reading the article.

why should we all have such an agenda planner?

The goal of these planners is in fact to:

  • Set goals that will increase your happiness.
  • Practice introspection in order to understand yourself better.
  • Plan your life around who and what really matters.
  • Start each day with a motivating thought.
  • Eliminate obstacles.
  • Exercise your mind to always look on the bright side.
  • Learn to master the art of resilience.
  • Strengthen relationships with those you love.
  • Spend more time and money on what makes you truly happy.
  • Eat healthy and play sports regularly.
  • End each day with gratitude

what are the other resources offered by the happiness planner?

The happiness planner is a brand with a thousand resources. In addition to the planner I described to you a little while ago, it also provides an application that allows you to monitor some of the objectives in the planners in digital format:

* The app is available in the PlayStore for both Ios and Android.


But that’s not all. In addition to planners, there are also printables, journals and many other products whose main purpose is the one described in this article: to help you realize your happiness diary in a concrete way, starting from yourself:

If you follow my blog a little, you know that I carefully choose the topics and products to suggest to you. Therefore, I feel I can recommend these planners and this kind of writing method with extreme tranquility.

And you? have you ever used this (or other) planner? What method do you prefer to use to carve out your 5 minutes of happiness? I gladly read your considerations and wait for your comments!

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16 thoughts on ““The happiness planner”: the personal growth planner we should all have”

  1. Aprrezzo moltissimo questa tua segnalazione. In fondo, come dici anche tu, corriamo tutti verso un obiettivo, che è sempre la felicità. Crediamo di poterlo raggiungere avendo soddisfazione in molti ambienti: la famiglia, il lavoro, lo sport… ma non ci rendiamo conto che questi non sono il fine, ma solo i mezzi.

    1. L’idea in sé e’ buona e ha anche un nome suggestivo. Metterla in pratica però non dipende solo da te o dalla tua introspezione. Se ti proponi per dei lavori e non li fai è difficile raggiungere la felicità. Poi anche la felicità è soggettiva, ciò che rende felice una persona non è detto che renda felice anche me o viceversa.

  2. Mi piace davvero un sacco soprattutto per il significato che ha. La felicità come punto di riferimento la rende davvero speciale!

  3. Mi piace tantissimo! Ora che l’ho scoperta me la vado a studiare meglio e voglio proprio utilizzarla! Grazie per la dritta!

  4. Hai ragione, un planner così fa la differenza. Sono d’accordo e credo che la felicità sia la cosa più importante

  5. Un planner della felicità sicuramente aiuta a mantenere anche una mente positiva. Io non sono molto costante con le agende ma questa sembra davvero carina.

  6. Silvia Faenza

    Questa per me è una scoperta bellissima, credo proprio che lo comprerò, perché mi ha affascinato tantissimo. Adoro le agende, e cosa c’è di meglio di una che ti può rendere felice!

  7. La felicità è il punto di arrivo di tutti, è ciò che vorremmo scandisse le nostre giornate, un’agenda della felicità sicuramente aiuta ad arrivare all’obbiettivo e a pensare positivamente.

  8. Ma è un’idea fantastica! grazie. Questo post sembra rispondere ad una delle mie riflessioni più recenti. Ho scoperto la canzone E’ una giornata perfetta di Vinicio Capossela e il tuo post è la risposta. Bisogna imparare a trasformare una giornata qualunque in una giornata perfetta e forse l’unico modo è trovare 5 minuti di consapevolezza ogni giorno per cercare le “cose perfette” e ringraziare. Il tuo post è una di quelle cose “perfette”. 😉

  9. Che bella idea e questo post è un dono prezioso. Per me la felicità è qualcosa che posso contattare sempre, è scevra dalle circostanze esteriori. Perché la felicità è la nostra vera natura.

  10. È vemante bella questa agenda, mi piace anche molto che sia abbinata ad un app. Grazie per avermela fatta conoscere, La cerchérò per il nuovo anno

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