Who we are

Our website address is: https://hercreativedetails.com

Types of digital product licenses offered within www.hercreativedetails.com:

Personal + Standard Commercial license: All digital products for sale and freebies in this website have both personal and commercial licenses, so you can use them in your projects.

1. Standard Commercial licenseterms

By downloading a digital product (of any nature) from this website,

you can:

  • Use the purchased file indefinitely;
  • Use the purchased file on your personal website and/or personal social channels;
  • Use the purchased file on your website, professional blog and / or social business channels.
  • Use the purchased file within useful prints for your business (for example logos on business cards or t-shirts);
  • Use the purchased file as a print for home decor or, in general, for personal use;
  • Use the purchased file as an element of a larger commercial project and combine it with other graphic elements (e.g. text, other illustrations etc);
  • Use the purchased file and mention the website where you purchased it (www.hercreativedetails).

you can’t:

  • Relist the file on your website and / or social media channels (of any nature);
  • Offer the file purchased here for free on other websites, blogs and / or social channels;
  • Use the file as a unique element within a commercial project. You must use the file you have downloaded only and exclusively together with other digital elements (such as texts, illustrations, patterns, etc.);
  • Create apps, book covers and games with the purchased file.

Attention: the exact reproduction of the file purchased on this website or the sale of the file by third parties without the consent of the owner himself, may be punishable by law.

Fonts licenses: the fonts used within the products of this shop have 100% open source licenses or have all been purchased regularly with the appropriate license.

2. Extended Commercial licenseterms

This type of license is not included in any digital item within this website.
If you want to purchase a customized digital product to be applied within special contexts (such as a book cover or a special purchase if you are a reseller and want to resell my items as you see them) then you need a Extended Commercial license. Contact me by email and I will send you a special contract and a quote including this Extended Commercial license.

3. Extra notes

1. Returns and Refunds

Since these are digital products, there is no refund or return of the product itself, you can learn more about this further term, discover the payment methods or read specifically all the terms and conditions of my shop here: Terms and Conditions.

2. Collection of personal data

You can purchase a digital product in my shop even without registering within it.

However, the sensitive data you enter during the file purchase process are used solely and exclusively to complete the purchase of the product itself within this website and are not used in any other way. You can read more about it here: Privacy and Cookie Policy.

3. Other types of licenses for my digital products

Currently my site does not offer these two types of licenses. Most of my digital files are also sold on CreativeMarket, so thanks to third parties.

If you need to purchase an Extended Commercial license file, you can find my store on CreativeMarket here: Her creative details – CreativeMarket.

In case you decide to buy digital files on CreativeMarket, obviously, the privacy policy of this website takes a back seat since you are buying on another website (third party), so I suggest you read the Privacy Policy of CreativeMarket itself.

4. Showcase & Portfolio

Have you created your logo by purchasing the template on my website, have you purchased a WordPress Child Theme on this website and would you like to show your result also within this website?

Well… I’d be honored! Send me an email with your links and I will collect some testimonials and insert them in my Showcase. Due to the numerous emails that arrive, I am forced to make a completely random choice of files.

Fill out the form dedicated to the Showcase request here with the requested information and if you are chosen, your work will be shown on my website.

Note: given the quantity of requests that arrive, the showcase will be formed by selecting (via random) only some requests that arrive. If your image is selected, you will be notified by email.

No personal requirements or preferences, the showcase images are randomly selected.

5. Community

Among the purposes of this website there is also to share personal considerations or the result of one’s passion. So, if you want, you can join the official Her creative details community on social networks, it’s free .. just one click: discover the social community now.

4. Difference between personal, commercial and extended commercial license

1. Examples of using a product with a personal license

I buy a digital file (for example a logo or a preset) and use it in my personal blog or social channel called “De Carli Pamela” or “decarlipamela.com”.

In this case, my social channels and / or my website have no commercial purposes, but only purely personal purposes (such as a hobby or the desire to make the look of my instagram profile homogeneous).

In this case, I can simply purchase a file with a personal license.

2. Examples of using a standard commercial licensed product

I buy a digital file (for example a logo or a preset) and use it in my commercial blog or social business channel named “I prodotti prodotti di De Carli Pamela” or “beautyskincareofpamela.com”.

In this case, my social channels and / or my website have commercial purposes, therefore, not only can you use a digital file for personal use, but you need to create a sort of personal brand and therefore to use the files primarily for commercial use.

In this case, I have to purchase a file within this website with a commercial license. The commercial license is suitable for all small and / or medium-sized businesses in the start-up phase.

3. Examples of using a product with the extended commercial license

I purchase a digital file (such as a logo or a preset) and use it for a large commercial website or social business channel named “I prodotti prodotti di De Carli Pamela” or “beautyskincareofpamela.com”.

I need to create a series of t-shirts, books or large projects, so I need an extended commercial type.

A second concrete example: I’m looking for an illustrator to create the cover for my next book. In this case you will need an extended commercial license as the book belongs to a type of product that must be resold repeatedly.

In this case, I have to purchase a file with an Extended Commercial license. The Extended Commercial license is suitable for all large businesses or large projects. Many of my digital items are also on sale on Creative Market with the Extended Commercial license, but if you want to purchase it from the same Her creative details website, you must contact me via email and I will send you the contract with the right license.