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Kadence Child Theme: 9 good reasons to choose it

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Why should you choose a Kadence Child Theme?

You’ve probably got tired of looking for the theme that fits your needs the most.
You are looking for a theme that can be perfect for building a blog or a shop, that is elegant but not too much, that is simple but not trivial, that doesn’t slow down your website because customers get tired and leave.
Then you are undecided about the layout of your articles: one column or two? How will my blog readers feel comfortable?
This is all frustrating, I understand you.
Eventually, you take entire days and feel drained of all your energy and demotivated.
“But how is that possible? I didn’t do anything physically demanding, I just spent a few hours in front of my computer!”

How many times have you asked yourself this question. And in the end, you can find the theme that could be right for you.
Because, let’s face it, the web is full of well-made and exceptional wordpress themes. But the time comes when you regret your choice, because yes, the theme is beautiful, but applied inside my website it has totally different result from the live demo, I expected it different – and often, it also slows down the site web.
The result? You feel even more demotivated, I know.
Precisely for this reason today I decided to write this article in my blog: because I’ve been there too and I understand you.
I too had the same experience as you, but with one more sore point: my self-esteem.
Yes, you read right, just my self-esteem. For a while it made me believe that I hadn’t done enough, it made me believe that my website was useless and of no use to anyone, least of all me.
“After all, how can my website come out well if designing websites is not my profession?” – another super existential question that I’m sure you’ve asked yourself at least once.
Well, you don’t have to ask yourself such questions anymore: keep reading my experience, and you will understand the meaning of this article: why should you choose Kadence Child Themes?

why should you choose a Kadence Child Theme?

Personal Note: This is not a post against website developers and web designers. Theirs is an excellent and indispensable profession. I wanted to underline this to avoid misunderstandings.
Today I wrote this post because I can really help you. I want to introduce you to one of the parent themes that has been very popular in recent years and I want to tell you about my experience with Kadence and i will give you 9 good reasons to choose the Kadence theme.

Kadence Theme: what is it?

Kadence is one of the lightest, most versatile and easiest themes to use with WordPress.org. This is not a technical Kadence WordPress theme review, it’s not one of those posts that show you the speed parameters of a website, as I’m not a web developer and I don’t have the skills to write this kind of post, I want to be honest with you.
I am “only” a designer and here I want to show you my experience with Kadence and I want to tell you why you should use a Kadence theme for your website.

Note: The benefits of using a Kadence theme apply to all Kadence themes (Parent or Child Themes) regardless of the design you choose.

  • Because it is light: yes, you got it right. Whatever the purpose of your website, Kadence is a lightweight theme. As a result it will not slow down your website (unless there are problems with your server or hosting and it doesn’t depend on the theme, of course!).
  • Because it’s a clean theme: The Kadence parent theme was created by extraordinarily good developers who managed to create a theme with a clean code base. You will have all the sections divided by topic and this is where the next benefit comes into play.
  • It is easy to customize: it has a very simple and intuitive control panel that can be used even by those who do not have technical skills. Go directly to your control panel of your WordPress dashboard and from there click on “Appearance” > “Customize”: in this way you will be able to modify most of the elements with a single click! Header, footer, menu, page, post, product templates, fonts, colors and much more. You can customize it however you want, no limit.
  • It is a multipurpose and extremely versatile theme. Whether you are a coach, a designer, an educator, a business owner or a blogger it doesn’t matter! Kadence themes are suitable for everyone thanks to their versatility, so whatever your industry, choosing Kadence you will undoubtedly make the right choice.
  • It is SEO optimized. Did you know that Google rewards websites that are fast and well optimized for SEO? Obviously I’m not saying that by purchasing a Kadence theme you will automatically be on the first pages of the Google search engine, no. It does not work like that. But if you do a good job and optimize your entire website for SEO (for example by inserting the right keywords) you will have a better chance of ending up among the first results of search engines because Kadence websites are prepared and well structured for SEO .
  • It has an amazing free version. Kadence’s native themes are divided into two categories: Kadence Free and Kadence Pro. Obviously, with the annual subscription to Kadence Pro you can 100% customize your website if you need to (for example the Shop sections), but I tell you sincerely that the free version is amazing and already has the customization of numerous features. So far, all my Kadence Child Themes have been built with the free version of Kadence.
  • It has numerous kadence starter templates for your website design. By clicking here you will find lots of extraordinary ready-made templates to apply to your website with a simple click in case you don’t know how to structure your website. You will find both free and paid templates, you can choose according to your needs and import the one you prefer. And in case they don’t fully satisfy you, you can take a look at my shop where you can find other Kadence templates that I have personally designed.
  • It has a responsive design. This means that Kadence looks great on computers, smartphones and tablets.
  • You can use a Drag & Drop builder. No technical skills are required, you can build your website in real time without modifying any line of WordPress code but only with the easiest technique in the world: take and move the elements wherever you want with simple clicks and in just a few minutes, it’s not very beautiful?

Ok, but what is Kadence compatible with?

As I wrote to you before, Kadence has been specifically designed for Drag & Drop builders and consequently you can use it with the following builders:
01. Elementor (free and pro);
02. Kadence / Gutenberg Blocks.

Kadence is compatible with both of the builders listed above which means that Kadence fits your needs and not the other way around.
You can use the builder that is most comfortable for you, in any case you will be able to customize the website of your dreams. In any case, whether you choose to apply the Kadence Free or Kadence Pro parent themes, Kadence offers impeccable support service and extremely helpful tutorials.

As for page builders, my shop also offers Kadence Child Themes compatible with both Elementor and Gutenberg Blocks, this information is specified on every single product page and you can choose the one you like best.

My experience with Kadence

My experience with Kadence has been positive right from the start.
I use my own theme with Kadence + Gutenberg Blocks (except some pages made with Elementor Pro).
I immediately loved this theme, because in addition to being really extraordinarily functional, it lightened my website a lot. From the moment I applied this theme, my website speed skyrocketed and I was pleasantly surprised!
So, I decided to put my experience at the service of my readers and created my Kadence Child themes with great emotion.
This was an important step for me, as it allowed me to challenge myself as a designer and improve my portfolio.

Specifically, my Multipurpose Kadence Child themes are very versatile and are particularly suitable for:

  • coaches and educators;
  • photographers,
  • bloggers of all categories,
  • business owners,
  • vendors

and so on!

My designs are all simple, elegant, sophisticated, feminine and minimalistic, so if you too have similar values to mine and would like a minimalistic but refined and professional website at the same time, I suggest you take a look here at all my Kadence Child Themes.
(PS: also if you are a man but you still like minimalist design, then my themes are suitable for you as you can customize each element as you want).

Some practical examples.

This is my Mya Smith Studio Theme

I was really excited when I decided to design this Kadence Child Theme. I wanted the theme to have an elegant and refined yet simple design. So I was inspired by imaginative designers and I created this theme which is among the most appreciated by the customers of my shop: many use it, from coaches to designers as it is very versatile.

Read more about Mya Smith Studio Theme ⟶

This is my Dayna Theme

Another theme, another emotion. When I designed this theme I was inspired by all those women who own a business or have a big project. It is such a versatile theme that it can prove to be an extraordinary business card for whoever buys it.

Read more about Dayna Theme ⟶

This is my Anita Becker Theme

I was really excited when I decided to design my Anita Becker Theme. I wanted the theme to have an editorial and simple design. For all lovers of editorial designs, this theme is ideal for giving your website an extra touch of professionalism.

Read more about Anita Becker Theme ⟶

Shop all themes

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  • Kadence, Blocksy & more. All my child themes are built with lightweight and safe parent themes.
  • Suitable for everyone, in every niche and every genre. None excluded.
  • Available for both Elementor and Kadence Blocks, choose the one that fits the most.
  • Designed to be SEO friendly and to convert your readers into potential buyers.

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