How to start a fashion blog if you are passionate about it


Are you a fashion enthusiast, do you follow its trends and would you like to have your own space in which to talk about fashion and post your photos? Well, you are in the right place.

In this article I suggest you some tips on creating a fashion blog from scratch with no experience, how to set it up and why you should open one. So I suggest you read it to the end.

“Fashion is not something that exists only in clothes. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, our way of life, what is happening. ”

(Coco Chanel)

Fashion, what a wonderful creation! It is such a fascinating and vast sector that it would be impossible to describe its beauty in a single article. It has always been the subject of trends, passion and curiosity, for this reason if you are also a fashion enthusiast, and would like to share your passion with other users, you should start a blog about this.

How to start a fashion blog if you are passionate about it?

You are not a model, a stylist and the idea of ​​creating a blog has never crossed your mind until now.

True, you are right, but it is often not necessary to be a public figure to start a blog.

What is necessary to open a blog, however, is to have a strong passion for a certain topic and have the constancy to be able to make it grow slowly.

So if you too have these characteristics and love fashion in all its nuances or a specific sector of fashion, you are in the right place, you can create your own online space where you can write everything you have to say.

Opening a fashion blog, in addition to an attached Instagram profile, could be an advantage for you, for many reasons, including:

  • Creating a fashion blog is easier than you think, you can create it with a custom domain for around 3 dollars per month (with many hosting companies),
  • The “fashion” topic (more commonly called “market niche”) is one of the most profitable topics and if you manage to set your blog right, you may have a chance to monetize it, as I have already explained here.

how can i start my fashion blog?

As I mentioned earlier, the process of creating a blog is easier than you think. If you want to gain authority, you want to make money with your blog, you want your blog to be a reference point in a micro sector of the fashion topic or you want to give it a kind of seriousness my advice is not to open a free blog and to choose a custom domain (eg in order to be well advanced with regard to the points listed above. The custom domain can really help you acquire the authority needed to establish yourself in a particular sector.

The first step to take therefore is to choose the hosting service and the most suitable plan to create your blog: in simpler terms, what name do I want to give my blog and how much space do I need to start publishing my articles?

As I have already written in my free guide on how to start a blog, my tip is to focus on one of the hosting services of your choice between Siteground or Bluehost.

Both companies offer several super affordable plans for blogging to choose according to your needs. Both have a basic plan of about € 3 per month for creating a blog and have valid assistance and top speed that could really help you a lot when Google decides to position your blog, I just tell you that speed A blog that both companies offer can help you (along with good SEO) place your blog in the top search pages of Google.

So: first pages of search = higher monthly views.

The next steps in creating a blog are choosing a captivating graphic theme (believe me, there are really beautiful, simple and intuitive ones for the fashion industry) and installing plugins and useful services for its management.

Of this, however, you can find all the details here. Keep reading…


how can I set up my blog to make it original?

The most important tip that I can give you is the following: choose a micro niche (or micro sector, theme) on which to focus your blog.

As I told you before, focusing on one specific topic can go a long way in building your network of loyal readers.

Let’s take a practical example: let’s assume that your passion are women’s winter evening outfits, winter fashion, men’s winter fashion 2020, women’s one-piece swimsuits or men’s tuxedos (etc.). Here, you will have found a micro topic on which to focus your fashion blog.

Setting up your blog on a certain micro category can bring you numerous benefits including:

  • Views of your articles by readers who are ONLY interested in that particular topic you are talking about and who then visit your blog because they are really interested in that particular topic.

The second tip that I would like to give you, is to personally take care of the realization of the shots that you are going to insert in your blog and in your social channels.

Having a well-curated gallery can help give your blog a more “authoritative and serious” look.

Generally, those who own a blog or an Instagram profile on fashion tend to apply, for example, always the same photo filter (or preset) to the photos of their channels. This is done to give your gallery a homogeneous appearance, as if it were a sort of “visual continuum” of the photos.

So, if possible, always shoot using the same colors, create multiple versions of the same photo and apply a preset to retouch the basic parameters (e.g. photo brightness) and give your photos a more professional look.

If we had to speak in even more specific terms, I will tell you that generally the type of photographic filters used most are those that do not stray far from the original photo. The so-called Light and Airy Presets are much appreciated by the people of the web, for example, all those photographic filters that have the purpose of illuminating the photos and slightly accentuating the colors thus creating an “airy” and contemporary result.

If you have Lightroom, you can apply these presets with one click in seconds, so that you don’t waste too much time post-production of the photos and focus mainly on creating your blog articles.

In this regard, I have created two collections of Light and Airy presets for photo editing, the latest collection is receiving a lot of praise from fashion influencers (and not only). You can view it here if you are interested.

So, in summary:

  • Identify your passion within the broad “fashion” category, choose a single specific topic, focus your blog on that.
  • Prepare an editorial calendar in advance in order to schedule articles to post over the months.
  • Spend some time post-production of your photos for your blog (If you like my presets, you can use them).
  • Interact in moderation with other fashion bloggers in your own micro category.
  • If you decide to write your articles in English, pay special attention to correcting any grammatical errors. But it’s not over yet. Keep reading the article.

how can i monetize my fashion blog?

Monetizing a blog, whatever its category, is not a mandatory step. You can decide to dedicate yourself carefully to the creation of its content or in addition to the creation of content, you can also try to monetize it.

The monetization (and subsequently the earnings) of your blog is not a suitable step for all types of blogs, but the macro niche of fashion offers numerous opportunities for monetization.

So if you already have a fashion blog (or are planning to create one) with a top level domain, you can try to monetize it.

Know, however, that the monetization of a blog involves:

  • A good SEO strategy (Google must “know” your blog, for this you must structure it in the right way);
  • A lot of effort and patience (managing a blog is a real “job” and you need seriousness and zero improvisation);
  • A lot of time and consistency (the first consistent results begin to show themselves only after some time).


You can monetize your blog in two main ways:

  1. Through affiliate marketing (or by sponsoring products within it and earning a small percentage from their sale)
  2. Through guest posts (selling and hosting articles on a certain topic within it)

So what’s the first step to monetize your fashion blog?

The first step is to sign up for some affiliate marketing platforms, join the sponsorship programs that are more related to the topics of your blog and start sponsoring products within your blog. For example, a good program to sponsor is Shein‘s clothing.
My favorite affiliate marketing platform is Shareasale because it offers numerous sponsorship programs to join in numerous niches, you are spoiled for choice. You can sign up for Shareasale directly from here or read my full article in my blog about it.

Secondly, you can try to contact the fashion brands closest to the main topic of your blog and review their products.
In short, creating a fashion blog can be a great way to cultivate your passion for fashion and can bring you great satisfaction. It’s up to you to try to figure out which micro topic you might be focusing your blog on.

For any doubts or clarifications I am available, contact me via email and I will reply as soon as possible.

If you liked my article, you are free to leave a like and share it on your social channels, so that we can be of help to anyone wishing to create a blog.

If you are going to create your blog, leave me the link in the comments of this article, I can’t see it! In the meantime, I am waiting for you in my newsletter, I will soon give you new tips on this and you can keep up to date with a simple click.


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