How to import Lightroom presets?

How to import Lightroom presets?


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Today I explain to you how to import Lightroom presets with a click. Keep reading…

You love photography and would like to find the photo filter (or “preset”) that best suits your photos, but you don’t know how to do it. No problem, in my blog, in addition to a series of presets for both versions of Lightroom, you can also find this article in which I’ll briefly explain how to import a preset on Adobe Lightroom both in the desktop version and in the mobile version and start using it for your photos.

If you haven’t gotten to see all Adobe Lightroom features yet, I suggest you take a look at the official website, in the meantime I tell you something new: in the area reserved for subscribers of my blog’s newsletter, you can periodically find simple unpublished presets to download for free. However, they are reserved only for subscribers of my newsletter, but you can become a member and download my unpublished presets for free: subscribe now and download the presets from here.

How to import Lightroom presets?

Right now, if you are reading this article, you are wondering: “How to Install Lightroom Presets“? The process to import lightroom presets is very simple and takes just a few minutes. Here I will explain how to install a preset on both Lightroom Desktop (on your pc) and Lightroom Mobile (on your smartphone).

The screenshots of this article are in Italian, but don’t worry, keep reading the tutorial.
  • How to import a preset on Adobe Lightroom Desktop (.LRTEMPLATE file)

1. Open Lightroom and go to Development, which you find in the top menu.

2. Next, in the Presets tab on the left, you will find all the basic Lightroom presets.

3. Stay on Presets and scroll down the menu until you find the User Presets folder:

4. From there, staying on User Presets, right click and select New folder: this way, all the presets you import will be placed in the new folder you created.

5. Then, still right clicking on User Presets, select Import: by doing so, a window will open on your computer where you can select the presets to import.

Please, note: presets to be imported are in .LRTTEMPLATE format. In the event that the presets to be imported are contained in a .ZIP archive, first extract the .LRTTEMPLATE file and then import it directly into Adobe Lightroom.

And that’s it, you’ve imported your preset into Adobe Lightroom Desktop. Now let’s see how to import preset on Lightroom Mobile.

How to import a preset on Adobe Lightroom Mobile (.DNG file)

1. If you haven’t done it yet, download the app from the PlayStore (both IOS and Android): Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC (or you can just search for Adobe Lightroom).

2. Once the application is installed, log in to Creative Cloud: in this way, if you have purchased the standard version for your PC, with Creative Cloud you will be able to synchronize your computer and mobile phone in order to have the presets and photos that you have installed on your pc even on your mobile phone.

3. Do you want to apply your standard Lightroom preset in your mobile photo on Lightroom mobile? No problem! Still on Lightroom mobile, open the photo you want to edit, click on the three dots at the top right and then on Create preset> Paste settings. By doing this, you will have imported the standard version preset.

So, to sum up:

  1. Lightroom – Desktop version (computer), .LRTEMPLATE files.
  2. Lightroom – Versione mobile (smartphone), .DNG files.
Ok, you don’t want to sign up for Creative Cloud. Don’t worry, presets can still be imported.

To import presets to Lightroom mobile without Creative Cloud it takes a little longer. For this I am attaching a video taken from the iTUBER10 youtube channel that explains how to import the presets step by step.

I hope this article has been helpful to you. Otherwise I will be happy to answer your questions or clarifications which you can leave below in the comments.

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