Guest post services: 5+ tips to create ad submit your guest post

Guest post services: 5+ tips to create ad submit your guest post


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Guest post services: what are they?

Hey, welcome back to my blog. I’m Rodì and today I’m talking about guest posting.
This is not a technical article, but it is an article aimed mainly at “beginners” – so I will try and give you some simple guest post guidelines to write a guest post in the best way, regardless of the sector it belongs to.

Also I’ll explain what guest post services are and how to find the best guest post services. But let’s start calmly from the beginning.

What is Guest Posting?

A Guest Post is simply an article (therefore a “post”) that is published within a blog that belongs to another person and is therefore not yours.
So your article will be published as a guest within someone else’s space (therefore “guest”). Typically a guest post is an article that talks about a certain topic or aims to promote a certain product, so it needs to reach an even larger audience. The guest post trading practice is called guest posting.

Why is the practice of “Guest Posting” so important?

When a particular blogger decides to publish your article on his blog, an interaction is created between you (and the visitors of your blog) and the blogger who hosts the article (and the visitors of his blog).
All of this could bring you numerous benefits, including:

  • Acquisition of new readers (if your blog and the one hosting the article have a common theme, the readers of the host blog are likely to get curious and take a look at your blog too);
  • Increase the Domain Authority of your website (ie the authority of your domain which I will tell you about shortly);
  • Enlarge your community (“passing” visitors to your blog are likely to decide to stay and subscribe to your blog’s newsletter).

Guest Post guidelines – my tips

Regardless of your willingness to buy or sell a guest post, here are some universal advice on how to write a valid guest post suitable for guest posting.

  1. Write an article with a minimum of 500 words. Did you know that Google and its algorithm tend to “reward” (or favor) articles that have a minimum of 500 words? Regardless of the topic of your article, try to respect the minimum word limit for your article. Furthermore, Google also tends to favor “long” articles: the ideal would be, therefore, to write an article with a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 1200/1300 words. Obviously it is not mandatory that you always and only write articles that reach 1300 words, but if you were able to do so, Google could also take this factor into account for the automatic evaluation of your article.
  2. Don’t repeat the same concepts over and over. Although the famous search engine Google tends to favor longer articles more, the strategy of repeating the same concepts to get to write 1300 words could turn out to be a bad strategy as Google does not like repetitions of the same concept within a single article. . If you can’t spell that many words, instead focus on the minimum requirement of 500 words by organizing your concepts well and avoiding repetition. I suggest you use Google Documents or any other text writing program to count the words in your article.
  3. Pay special attention to the SEO of your article. SEO is nothing more than the abbreviation of the English word “Search Engine Optimization” which means “optimization for search engines”. It is therefore of fundamental importance that you are able to optimize your article to make it suitable for guest posting and the Google search engine. Don’t worry, just a little study at a time and you will be able to optimize your article well. What does “optimize” mean and how can I do it? Optimizing an article means following a certain internal writing structure, here are some extra tips about it. Before writing an article, take a sheet of paper and research the keywords that are closest to the topic of your article. Analyze about 10 with suitable search tools (such as Ubersuggest) and pay attention to the Search Volume parameters (the higher the search volume, the more difficult it will be to position your article in the first pages of Google), CPC (cost per click, or the earning potential for that keyword) and Paid Difficulty (the higher the number, the more difficult it is to rank). The ideal would be to use two or (no more) keywords with a low / medium search volume (from 150 to 700) with a low percentage of difficulty and an average CPC. Don’t forget to see your competitors’ results for those particular keywords.
    Once you have identified the right keywords following these basic parameters, write your article using the paragraphs (specifically H1 and H2) and bold in the keywords. Use keywords in your article and insert your main keyword in the title of your article and in the main paragraph (H1).
    This way you will have done a good basic SEO job and optimized your post. This is a fundamental step, so if you can’t find the most suitable keywords, you can contact the Fiverr professionals here and they will help you.
  4. Do guest blogging only with blogs similar to yours and with a higher DA than yours.
    In simple terms, Domain Authority is the authority of a particular domain. It helps to define the authority and authority of a website: the higher the number of Domain Authority, the more your website will be “authoritative” in the eyes of visitors.
    Typically websites or blogs with an AD between 10 and 30 are considered fairly good, those around 40 to 60 are considered very good, and websites with an AD greater than 80 are considered particularly authoritative. Do not misunderstand though – creating a blog or website from scratch and quickly reaching a DA above 80 is practically impossible as websites with very high domain authority must have a certain seniority (having been created for about 20 years to example) and extreme authority in the sector. An example of a website with a very high AD is definitely Apple.
    A website created recently will certainly have a very low DA, but if you do a good job with SEO and carefully choose the blogs where to publish your articles, the DA of your website will grow little by little as you will receive the backlinks (i.e. the tag that links to your website) from the blogs that will host your article.
    Therefore, publishing your article in a blog with a higher AD than yours could help you increase the authority and authority of your website as well.
    Please, note: pay close attention to the websites you choose for publishing your article as many websites could only bring spam to your website and consequently Google could penalize the authority of your domain and decide to lower it rather than increase it .
    My suggestion is to choose only and exclusively real blogs strictly related to the topics you deal with within your website.

What is the difference between sponsored post and guest post?

A sponsored post is a post that you write as a company decides to pay you to write an article on your blog yourself aimed at promoting their products, while a guest post is an article that is published within a blog that is not yours. You can also decide to write the guest post yourself to send to another blogger or have it written directly to him.
Both guest posts and sponsored posts are a great way to monetize your website and make money with your blog.
I must be honest. I want to clarify that the practice of guest blogging is not a practice that automatically generates a profit 10 times out of 10. As I reported in the first part of this article, the guest post requires a lot of work and often it is necessary to do at first guest posting for free to grow organically and consistently, so if you intend to host another blogger’s article and you have recently started your blog, guest posting is an activity that you can monetize only after some time. Keep reading.

Where can I find other bloggers or websites that can host my guest post?

There are tons of professionals, bloggers and website owners who offer paid guest posting services.
Theoretically, every blogger who hosts a guest post has a salary that can range from $5 up to thousands of dollars for each single post. It is a completely legal practice and which may appear a little exaggerated or strange in the eyes of people who intend to buy a guest post but the compensation of the host of the article is made taking into consideration some parameters of which the Domain Authority of the own website, monthly traffic etc.
Therefore, if the blogger who will host your article will have high parameters of DA, monthly traffic (and not only) it is likely that her remuneration will be greater than a blogger with lower parameters. Don’t be discouraged though, all this could bring you numerous benefits, including backlinks to your website (usually one or two) and the acquisition of a new audience.
Personal suggestion: please, choose carefully blogs in which you would like your article to be published and choose only the blogs that deal with your same macro themes, otherwise, as I explained before, Google could penalize both your blog and the blog hosting the your article.
Another fundamental advice is to avoid blogger services that propose to host your guest post on their website with a high DA with a very low price.
Often (not always, fortunately), those who choose this kind of services tend to fill you with advertising and if you do not choose well you risk being penalized.
There are many platforms where you can find bloggers and submit your guest post, among the most reliable and with a wide range of choice, I can definitely recommend Fiverr.
You can subscribe to Fiverr by clicking here and then search from here for bloggers who can help you and publish your guest post.
This blog is also available for guest posts, so if your guest post (or sponsored post) is in line with the topics of this blog, you can contact me directly from here or you can find me here on Fiverr.
If possible, I will try to help you in an honest way.

How can I sell a guest post on my blog?

This is also possible, but as I explained to you in this article, the practice of guest posting is a practice that requires perseverance and work.
First of all, it is possible to sell a guest post mainly within top-level domains (for example on and not on second-level domains (for example, or www.mywebsitename.squarespace .com).
This is because top-level domains are typically seen as websites with greater authority.
So if you are planning to sell a guest post and you have a clear understanding of your blog niche, you can start by purchasing a top level domain and hosting plan, for example SiteGround or Bluehost offer plans that are valid for around $ 3 per month. Find all the necessary steps in my free guide.
Once your blog is created, your website’s monthly traffic and Domain Authority will rightfully be very low. This is the time to create a community of bloggers, try to collaborate for free and exchange your guest posts.
At the beginning, free collaborations are often a necessary step in order to build the authority of your website, but with time and with the right SEO work, you can start hosting guest posts on your blog in exchange for a small salary. For example, you can start when your blog gets a decent number of monthly views and a DA of around 7 or 10.
Again, you can sign up for Fiverr as a seller from here and create a gig detailing the type of guest post you offer. Be as detailed as possible, especially about the topics you host on your blog that need to be in line with it.

How to be a gost writer? – If, on the other hand, you also have a passion for writing, you can create gigs and propose yourself as a guest post writer so that you can write only and exclusively for other blogs. Here, too, I advise you to pay special attention to guest blogging in seo.

NEW: you can also sell or buy a guest post on

EXTRA TIPS: If you are thinking of starting a blog or need a professional to take care of your texts, I suggest you contact the very talented Deenah who offers excellent copywriting services on her website Words to live by.

This article is constantly updated, as many people often ask me about guest posting practice. I hope this article has been helpful to you. Otherwise I will be happy to answer your questions or clarifications that you can leave below in the comments. If you liked the article, I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter, so you can read the periodic updates on this article and on my blog via email.

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