Gratitude Journal PDF: what it is and why you should have one?

The lifestyle of modern society is undoubtedly one of the most hectic. When I told you about the five minute journal pdf, I used the athlete’s metaphor to better explain the typology of the lifestyle of today’s society.

I believe that, even in this case, the athlete metaphor is not out of place.

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We human beings always run towards destinations dear to us, we run quickly towards daily appointments that we fear not to arrive in time, and often, while we are on the move, we feel the effort of our race. Effort that prevents us from living our little special moments to the full, that prevents us from feeling our breath, effort that prevents us from giving the right value to the little daily things that we take for granted. For this reason, the gratitude journal only asks for five minutes of your time. No matter the time of day (or the phase of your life) when you decide to carve out a small space just for you, 5 minutes are enough to get in touch with your breath and with the small details that can make you see your days from another point of view.

Disclaimer: before illustrating the type of gratitude diary, I want to clarify that I am not a doctor or a psychologist, mine is a lifestyle blog with particular attention to the creation of printables and in particular printables related to the lifestyle category (photography, travel , personal growth etc) therefore the content of this article and of my course on the creation of the diary of gratitude is the result of a serious work of study and sharing, with the hope that it will be appreciated and useful for my readers.

Gratitude journal: what is it?

What’s gratitude journal meaning? The gratitude journal, is a type of personal diary set “to questions”, which aims to push all of us to focus for five minutes on the positive aspects of our days and our life to be grateful for.

It is a type of diary that can be suitable according to the needs of each of us, many people tend to use a slightly more narrative technique and to write a lot of the aspects they are grateful for, others instead prefer to be more incisive and use more phrases. short. Okay too, everyone has different needs. The gratitude diary has a very simple structure, which is why it can be easily created by ourselves at home.

What you need to create the Gratitude Journal at home is “just” this:

  • A blank notebook;
  • A pen;
  • 5 minutes (in the morning) of your time;
  • 5 minutes (in the evening) of your time.


* My gratitude journal in printable PDF file and/or template is available in my shop.

What to write in the gratitude journal?

The classic typology of the gratitude journal is set up as follows: a question section in the morning and a question section to be filled in in the evening.

Specifically, the general questions of the two sections are often the following:

  1. Morning Questions: “Things I am grateful for today”, “Things that would make today a better day” and “Positive affirmation about myself: I am ….”
  2. Evening questions: “Significant things that happened today that I want to remember” and “What could I have done today to improve my day?”

Obviously, gratitude journal has the purpose of starting from the simplest aspects and the most obvious things of our days that often seem to us the most trivial, so please answer the questions listed above in a simple way, trying not to neglect the aspects of your days that seem more banal to you.

About the Gratitude Journal, in addition to the pdf printable files or gratitude jornal canva template that you find in mine in my shop, I have also created an online course (for now only in English) in which I explain what a gratitude diary is and I bring you numerous examples as answers to the questions listed above so that you can make the most of it: the course is available in English by clicking here.

Here digital gratitude journal of my Shop:

I hope this article has been helpful to you, otherwise I will be happy to answer your questions or clarifications that you can leave below in the comments.

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Thanks for reading!


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