Ghostwriter for social media and blog: how to generate content for your business


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To you who also read this article of my blog I say thank you. Thank you for always supporting me and for giving me two minutes of your time.
I really hope this article of mine will help you, because what I’m going to address today is a topic I’m sure you’ve already heard about: the stress of finding and writing correctly the right content for your business channels, specifically of Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and your blog.
What if I told you that from today your social media posts write their own caption?
Surely now you’re thinking that I’m crazy and that it’s impossible for the content of a post to write itself. It seems too far away and impossible even in a hyper-digitized society like ours, don’t you think?
Yet it is not so. And in this article I’m telling you about a very big news: the chance to generate content for your social media or blog posts thanks to Tailwind’s Ghostwriter.
But first let’s take a step back to understand what a great resource Tailwind is and how you can best use it in your business.

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a tool that allows all people who have a profile on Instagram or Pinterest (and more) to schedule their posts, check the most effective times in which to post and view the results of the best performing posts on their social profiles. All of this, of course, is to help you with the management of your profiles in order to save you time and get you better results in a short time, in a nutshell Tailwind helps you automate your profiles and help you with the management of them.

When I told you in these articles about what Pinterest is and the importance of this social network for promoting a blog, I also explained to you what Tailwind is and how you can use it.

If we had to do a quick review, we can say without a shadow of a doubt that Tailwind is a tool that helps bloggers around the world and marketers to manage and share other users’ content on Pinterest and Instagram.

By focusing on social platforms, if you decided to use Tailwind, among the most important benefits of Tailwind that I have summarized to date, we have:

  • The ability to schedule your posts (or pins) on Pinterest monthly.
  • The drastically reduction of your “social” and “OMG, I have to think every day about all the content to post during the months”.
  • The ability to use Tailwind groups and tribes that help you drive traffic to your blog.
  • The opportunity to schedule your posts within the various groups with a click.
  • The chance to triple your free time and think (also) of other things.
  • The use of software with a simple and intuitive interface.
  • A team of professionals available to help you in case of difficulty.

Ghostwriter for social media and blog: How can i generate content for my business?

Thanks to its AI-based technology and its new Ghostwriter tool, Tailwind allows you to generate a professional text by halving your work time, and therefore also reducing the stress involved. To the benefits listed above, we can add others thanks to Tailwind:

  • Generate Facebook posts from your blog posts;
  • Generate Pinterest Pin Title + Description;
  • Generate Instagram Post Captions;
  • Generate the text of a tweet on Twitter;
  • Generate LinkedIn posts from your blog posts;
  • Generate Youtube video Title + Description and video topic ideas;
  • Generate TikTok video Description;
  • Generate Etsy Product Description;
  • Generate Amazon Product Description;
  • Generate Shopify Product Description;
  • Generate Shop Product Description.

While, if you have already created a blog thanks to my guide and would like further help, Ghostwriter will help you:

  • Find a topic idea for your new article;
  • Generate a headline, intro paragraph and conclusion of your article.

But that’s not all yet. There are other huge benefits that you can use by signing up for Tailwind from here.

Using Ghostwriter with Tailwind is really very simple:

  1. Join Tailwind from here and choose a subscription plan. You can also use a free plan but with limited features, so, based on my experience, I recommend to invest a small amount of money on Tailwind;
  2. Once you are logged in, go to your main Tailwind page and click on “AI Labs” in the left control panel. From there, click what you need and Ghostwriter will help you.


Of course, I used Ghostwriter with Tailwind before writing this article. I wanted to make sure I wrote this article with sincerity, awareness and objectivity.
I found Ghostwriter such a useful and powerful tool that even today I find it hard to believe that it could exist, I’m amazed!
My suggestion is to use Ghostwriter to halve your work time and then review the text it has generated. Later you can add your personal notes to your article or post in order to make it even more concrete and empathetic, as these two characteristics are essential for those who own a business.

I hope this article has been helpful to you and that it can act as a Content Idea Generator, otherwise I will be happy to answer your questions or clarifications that you can leave below in the comments.

If you liked the article, I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter, where you can follow the updates regarding Tailwind features that I will soon include in this article. I also invite you, if you like, to leave a like and a share on this article, it will be useful for me to improve myself, for my readers to read additional info about Tailwind and maybe even for your friends who are looking for information about it. Thanks for reading!

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