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No, it is not necessary to register on Her creative details before purchasing a product or service. However, you can complete the purchase by entering only the billing information during the purchase process.

The procedure is very simple: buy the service (or pack) you want > receive the guidelines via email > instant feedback exchange here on Facebook Messenger during the implementation of the chosen service > delivery of the personalized service via email or agreement via email.
The payments accepted within this website are the following: PayPal, Stripe and credit card.

No, if you buy a digital product or a service on this website, since these are digital services and products, there is never any refund of any product or custom service from my shop.

So I strongly advise you to read all the features of the packs offered, to send me precise instructions and, in case of doubts or clarifications, to contact me by email before making any purchase.

For more information on refunds and more, read Terms & Conditions and  Privacy Policy of this shop.

In case you decide to buy one of my services on Fiverr, then I recommend that you read the Terms and Conditions of the website itself.

Whichever service or pack you choose, you have to write me all the necessary information by private message on my Facebook page (or by email) in order to personalize your order. After sending all the information and being updated instantly, you will receive the product you purchased at a later time only and exclusively VIA MAIL (the email you used for the purchase), obviously based on the various requests to be completed. delivery times will vary. 

Please be as detailed as possible.
It is all specified in detail in the PDF that you receive immediately after purchase. The information I need is exclusively aimed at customizing the service you have purchased. For example, you will be asked to specify your color palette preferences and what type of brand you own if you purchase the color scheme palette service, or what are your guidelines for a shoutout or guest post. In short, you should write me how you would like your service.

Immediately after the purchase we will talk about the general terms, customization and initial concepts on Messenger, but the final final order I will send it to you only and exclusively via email.
I invite you to contact me even before a possible order to clarify any doubts. 

Delivery times vary from 5 to 40 business days. They vary according to the requests to be completed. However, there is talk of “business days”, ie working days, therefore holidays are excluded.

In any case, the delivery times of the product / service you purchase begin when each order is processed.

Don’t worry, I won’t forget to make your personalized service. In the event that I do not arrive to deliver you or agree on the personalized service you have purchased, I will send you an email in time to notify you of the delay in delivery and to notify you of the new product delivery times.

Reliability and transparency are always the fundamental principles of my website.

Sure! All the products offered in my shop are licensed for commercial use, so you can use them for your projects.

Please, note: read carefully the difference between standard and extended commercial license to purchase the right license.

It would be appropriate, in case of commercial use, to mention this shop at the end of each completed project.

For more info on the licenses of the digital products of this shop, read the Licenses section here.

It’s very simple: I will communicate via email to all readers of my blog any periods in which I will not deliver orders on commission.

Just follow my blog via email and subscribe to my newsletter and you will know if deliveries will be suspended in a certain period.

No, as indicated above, all products and services on this website are digital in nature, therefore there is no physical shipment.


accepted payment methods

The payments accepted within this website are the following: PayPal, Stripe and credit card.

Lightroom Presets

Photo editing

The presets are simply photographic filters for editing photos that you can use only and exclusively with Adobe Lightroom (latest versions).

Here is the procedure:

LIGHTROOM DESKTOP (from your computer – LRTEMPLATE file)
  • Open Adobe Lightroom go to Development, which you find in the top menu.
  • Next, in the Presets tab on the left you will find all the basic Lightroom presets.
  • Stay on Presets and scroll down the menu until you find the User Presets folder.
  • From there, staying on User Presets, right-click and select New Folder: this way, all the presets you import will be placed in the new folder you created.
  • Subsequently, still clicking the right button on User Presets, select Import: by doing so, a window will open on your computer where you can select the presets to import.
LIGHTROOM MOBILE (from your smartphone – DNG file)
  • If you haven’t done so yet, download the app from the PlayStore (both IOS and Android): Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC (or you can simply search for Adobe Lightroom).
  • Once the application is installed, log in to Creative Cloud: in this way, if you have purchased the standard version for your PC, with Creative Cloud you can synchronize your computer and mobile phone in order to have the presets and photos you have installed on your pc even on your mobile phone. (OPTIONAL)
  • On Lightroom mobile open the photo you want to edit, click on the three dots at the top right and then on Create preset> Paste settings. By doing this, you will have imported the standard version preset.


When you complete the purchase of the digital product in the shop of my website, the download of the product you have purchased takes place automatically in the minutes following the purchase.

Otherwise, if you are unable to complete the purchase, if you have not received the product you purchased or for any error regarding the product download, contact me by email and I will reply as soon as possible.

Premade Templates

Ready to use items

Regardless of the nature of the product, all digital products in this shop can be edited only and exclusively with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Canva.

The requirements necessary for editing the product itself are expressly indicated in each product sheet of the shop. Read carefully the description of the product you intend to purchase before making the purchase.

If you buy a product that contains illustrations, sometimes Adobe Illustrator may also be required, but if you need this software, you will find it expressly indicated in the product description.

No, my templates are made with Canva free.


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