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  • Brand Identity elements – Canva Mega Bundle 1


    This is a super mega bundle of 250+ brand identity elements that you can edit only and exclusively with Canva. Keep reading.

    What is a brand identity?

    Having a homogeneous and clear image is essential for a brand or a newly born project.
    If your brand image is clear and effective, your audience will immediately see what you are and what your mission is without misunderstandings.

    As I explained to you in my blog some time ago, in simple terms, a brand identity is the set of graphic and digital elements that define a brand in the eyes of its audience.
    Generally the brand identity of a brand, website or blogger is composed of the following essential and fixed elements of brand identity: logos, a color palette, fonts, kits and social media templates – all elements generally have the same design to give the idea of a single strong and effective image.

    Are you a blogger, a seller, a coach or have you just started an online business or a brand and don’t know how to create a clear, complete and effective brand identity from scratch?
    Well don’t worry about that, you are in the right place – maybe I can help you!
    It doesn’t matter that you don’t have skills with advanced graphics programs like Photoshop, you just need an account on Canva and you can create your brand image with a simple click.
    Precisely for this reason I make available to you – in a super mega bundle – (almost) all the fundamental elements for a brand or project, templates to customize with a click.
    Among the templates within this super mega bundle you can find templates for social media, resumes and letterheads, business cards, brand books and much more. You can find all the templates details in the description of this product, read on.

    Simplicity, clarity, essentiality, minimalism and elegance are the essential keywords of all my designs, including all the Canva Branding templates of this bundle. So if you also love simplicity and minimalist design then this super mega bundle is for you.

    Who is this bundle suitable for?

    It is really suitable for everyone: coaches, teachers, instructors, bloggers of all kinds, traders and much more. This is a truly versatile bundle that anyone can use. Please, note: this bundle does not contain logo templates and color palettes.

    Is Canva free?

    Yes, of course! You can sign up for free from here using the free plan or by choosing the Canva Pro subscription plan.

    Can I change the colors and images?

    Sure, of course! You can change the text, colors and images to make everything more suitable for your needs.
    Please, note: as this bundle is a shared document, you need to make a copy of this project before you start editing the project by simply clicking on “Duplicate or Make a Copy”.
    Make your changes directly in the file you duplicated and not in the original copy, so no one else outside of you can modify your project.
    Let’s see specifically what the bundle includes.

  • Hibiscus – Branding Guidelines Canva Template


    What is it about?

    This is a minimalist style 19 page template for Canva that is useful for creating your own Branding Guidelines in minutes. Giving a precise image to your brand is one of the most important aspects for the success of a correct Brand Identity (I’ll explain what it is here).

    With this template you can group in a professional way and in a single file all the important information that characterizes your brand or shop to make customers understand with extreme precision what your mission is and what exactly your business is about in such a way that transparency and professionalism are the keywords that characterize you.

    The template includes the following sections:

    • n ° 1 front and back covers;
    • n ° 1 general page;
    • n ° 2 about us pages;
    • n ° 2 our mission pages;
    • n ° 1 color palette page;
    • n ° 1 visual identity page;
    • n ° 3 logo pages (general, logo presentation and sizes);
    • n ° 3 typography pages;
    • n ° 2 our images pages;
    • n ° 2 our website pages.

    Read the description of this product for more information.