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    Haydee Theme

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    Anita Becker Theme

  • Branding strategy template


    The clearer your brand image, the easier it will be for your audience to understand what you can offer them. If you think that building a brand is very tiring, you are wrong. With the right tools you can build it professionally and elegantly in no time. I help you build your brand step by step.
    Exclusively for you, a Canva branding strategy template with an elegant, feminine and minimalist style to better build your brand and all its information.  You can choose one of my designs and get started building the brand you’ve always dreamed of now and keep reading the info below.

  • Minimalist vector art portrait

    Custom digital illustration


    Hello, I’m Rodì and I specialize in minimalist and abstract illustrations.

    Do you want to give a gift or do you need a custom illustration for an event, an invitation and do you love simple illustration design? Well, you are in the right place! Make your project unique.

    I only make minimal vector art, flat and minimalist illustrations, faceless illustration and abstract illustrations, specifically fullbody or custom portrait illustration, no other designs or sensitive themes please.

    Choose the type of illustration you need and keep reading the details.

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  • Services and Pricing Guide – Canva template


    Have you ever thought to show your talent, your services and your brand story to your potential clients in a consistent and simple way (for example within a pricing proposal template)?
    I bet you have thought about it at least once in your life but then you abandoned this idea because you are not competent with graphics programs or you have not found the right professional for you.
    Well, from today all this is no longer a problem as you can make everything you need yourself with my services and pricing guide template.

    The requirements? All you need is a few minutes of free time and no skills with graphics programs.
    Yes, you got it right, no expertise! Because with Canva you can directly edit my services and pricing template (and all my premade templates) with a simple click.
    Everything is ready, you just have to edit colors, images and text and you can get an immediate result of these services and pricing models.

    Specifically, my templates in this bundle are the following:

    • Services & Pricing Guide – a document where you can explain and write in detail all the services you offer, the prices for each service, the questionnaire for clients, testimonials, contacts, your story and education etc;
    • CV Resume & Letterhead – your resume in one page and your letterhead in different templates;
    • Brand Book – an essential “horizontal digital book” for your brand that summarizes the general guidelines of your brand such as your color palette, typography, your mission etc.

    Remember: the clearer your image to the public, the more the public immediately understands you are there and what you offer.

    Simplicity, elegance, femininity and minimalism: these templates are really suitable for everyone, from photographers to coaches of all kinds, passing through brand owners … you can customize these service and pricing template as you want!

    Read on for the technical details of the filI’m curious to see this pricing template and your files printed or edited with Canva! Join my facebook community on canva templates from here and post your photos there – I would love to see the final result.

  • bright and airy presets

    The Bright and Airy Presets Collection


    This is a collection of 10 Adobe Lightroom presets that you can brightening your photos and giving them an “extra professional touch of delicacy” by accentuating details and colors in a delicate way.

    See here all my before vs after images.