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Blog themes for WordPress: a list of feminine and minimalist themes

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A list of feminine wordpress themes for websites, blogs or stores. for your feminine branding. Now, it’s time to dream!

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Today I’m talking to you about wordpress blog themes. Specifically, today’s article is aimed at a female audience since I’m talking to you about feminine wordpress themes for websites, blogs or e-commerce. So, if you are a blogger, entrepreneur or have just started a website (any niche) you are in the right place.

Allow me a generic metaphor: having a website is often a bit like having a baby. A website needs care, consistency. When you think of a theme to be applied to a specific website or blog, often, the theme itself is associated with a “dress”. You have to think about the colors to choose and apply, the emotions you want to convey, the style you want to give to your website and much more. Because a website is a bit like a business card. We always try to give a very precise image that can also represent those who own it well.

Are you tired of the “look” of your blog and would you like to change the theme in order to see it from another perspective? Would you like to change his “dress”? No problem, it’s a very simple process. With this article (constantly updated) I will try to help you in choosing a theme for your website, blog or e-commerce.

This article, however, has a very specific purpose: the minimalist and feminine style. So, specifically, I have grouped the websites and themes that follow in a completely random order, following these criteria:

  1. Feminine, minimalist and essential design (no other types of design);
  2. Presence of specific widgets (for example sections, or calls to action, for the newsletter);
  3. Versatility and quality;
  4. Cheap prices.
This is the Hadleigh Theme by Pix and Hue.

Blog themes for WordPress: a list of feminine and minimalist themes

In one of my articles, I had already addressed the topic of blogging, providing you with a free guide with all the services you need to create your blog. So, if you have already created your blog by choosing the hosting service that best suits you, it’s time to tackle the topic of graphics and themes. There are hundreds of websites that deal with graphics, so you just have to choose the theme that you like the most and best suits your needs. Here are just some of the best blog themes where you can find a professional one for wordpress.

I grouped them following the criteria of reliability, versatility, elegance, minimalist design and low costs; but in particular I have grouped the following websites according to the theme “female themes for wordpress blogs” to allow all bloggers of each category to find the theme that best suits their blog and their business. Specifically, you can find wordpress blog themes on:

  • Pix & Hue – is by far one of my favorite websites for female themes of a website or blog. Pix & Hue was born from the passion and skills of a young and talented web designer and developer who also takes care of installing female themes throughout your website in case you fail to do so. All Pix & Hue themes have a feminine, minimalist and elegant design and are suitable for practically all types of female websites, blogs or e-commerce. Among my favorite female themes are Hadleigh and Harlowe.
  • Hearten Made – this too, like Pix & Hue, is by far one of my favorite websites for female website themes. I personally applied the Thrive theme to my website and immediately loved the feminine and minimalist design made by this young web designer. She keeps reading the article and I’ll explain what I liked the most about the Hearten Made themes. Among her themes, I really like her Honeydew and Magnolia themes.
  • Her creative details – yes, you got it right! this website also offers numerous and versatile feminine templates for Elementor to apply within your WordPress website. You can use them even if you have no experience in building websites, as they also contain various tutorials that will help you install them with a simple click. This, for example, is my super versatile Janelle Kit Template. If you need help, you can contact me and I will install it for you. I’ll also give you 9 good reasons to choose a Kadence Child Theme.
  • Bluchic – another amazing website that offers feminine themes. Bluchic also offers a wide range of themes with an essential, feminine and minimalist design. Among my favorite themes, there are definitely ChicSavvy and Olivie. Among other things, on Bluchic you can also find numerous digital products, including also All – in – bundle.
  • ElegantThemes – is among the best known in the world and offers many universal themes for any type of website or blog.
  • MyThemeShop – also this site offers a wide range of universal themes suitable for every need.
  • Pretty Darn Cute Design – website especially suited to themes for women’s blogs and shops with a clean and essential design.
  • ThemeIsle – this website also offers a wide range of professional and economic themes.
  • Restored316designs  – here too many themes suitable for every need, especially professional themes for women’s blogs.
  • Sculpture Qode – one of the most complete website regarding themes for a wordpress female blog. In addition, this website also offers the installation of the theme within your blog.
  • LovelyConfetti –another wonderful website suitable for creating a blog or women’s business. This is one of the most chosen websites by the female audience for creating a blog. For example, one of the most beautiful and elegant themes that you can find on LovelyConfetti is Sally.
  • OceanWp – this is one of the most used themes in the world for creating a blog. It is highly appreciated by users for its speed: it is in fact a very light theme that offers a free version and a paid version. Either way, you also have the ability to access numerous features.

What are the most important criteria for choosing a theme for your website?

Here is my personal experience. As I mentioned earlier, over the years, I have personally chosen some themes of Pix & Hue and Hearten Made that I have applied within my website. If I had to express a personal opinion, I would definitely tell you that these two websites are among my absolute favorites for choosing a feminine website themes. The elements that have most consolidated this consideration of mine are certainly two: the feminine and minimalist design (simple personal taste) and the presence of specific widgets for call to action. Keep reading.

This is the Peachy theme by Hearten Made.

Call to actions (literally “push someone to action”) are simply specific actions that you position in a certain point of your website to push the visitor to conclude a certain action within your website: for example, an invitation to subscribe to your newsletter or to view a certain product in your online shop.

This, in my opinion, is a very important and determining factor for all those who own a website – and specifically a blog or an e-commerce – since it could help you increase the sales of a particular product within your website or grow your newsletter (and more).

“And now how can I choose an effective theme that represents my website well?”. I bet that after you have created your website, you will have asked yourself this question at least once. And you did very well – after all, after spending hours and energy to create a project, you couldn’t ask yourself a question other than this. But don’t worry, maybe I can help you.

So, if you are going to give your website (any niche) a simple, feminine, elegant and minimalist design – among the criteria you should consider when choosing a theme that fits your website perfectly, there I am definitely:

  1. Well organized design – pay special attention to the design of your website’s homepage. It is the business card of your website and is often also the first page that visitors look at when they enter your website. So my advice is to avoid confusing designs that have lots of widgets on the home page. And here, my tip hooks into the next one.
  2. Make a list of priorities – when you create your website (possibly before applying a theme) take a sheet of paper and write what information you would like to highlight on your website and in particular on your home page . Be precise, better a little information organized well than a lot of information badly organized. For example, do you have a food blog where users appreciate your Christmas dessert recipes more than those on the types of pasta for the Easter holidays? Well then prioritize the recipes over the sweets and highlight them on your homepage with the right sections.
  3. Choose themes that have “calls to action” included in the design – as I explained earlier, calls to action are very important within a website. They can help you convert visitors into potential customers and beyond – so it’s important to choose a theme that has these sections (or widgets) within your design and especially on the home page. All the websites I mentioned in this article have themes with the features listed above, specifically both Pix & Hue and Hearten Made offer call to action themes.
  4. Choose a precise color scheme palette to apply – each website has a specific soul and emotions. Choose a color palette that represents your brand and apply it within your website. In this perhaps I can help you. Both within my website and here on Fiverr you can find some of my services for the creation of a color palette for women’s websites or blogs.
  5. Go for paid themes if possible – this is indeed a very delicate point but one that deserves to be taken into consideration. Often, people tend to choose a free theme for their blog for a variety of understandable and legitimate reasons. There are some very valid free themes (such as OceanWp that I mentioned above) to apply safely to your website, but in general many free themes do not offer all the necessary features, so the risk is to find yourself a less versatile free theme with some limitation. On the contrary, there are often many well-crafted and versatile paid themes that can offer you specific features such as the call to action widgets I mentioned above. But pay attention to the types of paid themes offered by the web and try to buy them from web developers or designers who have the right skills.
feminine wordpress themes
Becka Rose is a feminine wordpress theme.

These are my suggestions. The websites that I have grouped within this article are currently among my absolute favorite websites for versatility, price, feminine design and professionalism, so I recommend visiting them all and choosing the theme that best suits you. In the end, it’s just a matter of taste!

I hope this article has been helpful to you. Otherwise I will be happy to answer your questions or clarifications that you can leave below in the comments. If you liked the article, I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter, so you can read the periodic updates on this article and on my blog via email.

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Thank you!

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