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the affiliate program

Hey, do you like Feminine WordPress Themes or other digital products of Her creative details? Well, believe me… I’m really honored.
Precisely for this reason I invite you to join my affiliate program: you can earn 10% from the sale of each item.

To make you understand better, I am honored

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Earn 10% of every sale you generate thanks to your link. You have two months to generate a certain sale thanks to the generous 60-day cookies duration. Then, when you reach the minimum sum of €20, collect your earnings.

Faqs help center

  • You must be 18 years or older to be part of this Program;
  • You must be a resident of a real place without using fake locations to register for the program. The program is open to all nationalities;
  • You must have an active blog, website or social media channels. You can find here all requirements and terms.

Sure, of course .. you are welcome! You don’t have to buy an item if you don’t want to. The program is open to all nationalities.

You will be paid via Paypal only upon reaching the minimum quota of €20 of commissions and the affiliate program is valid only and exclusively for all categories and products in the digital shop of Her creative details and not for physical products of the store or customized services (custom branding elements, cards, t-shirt etc).

No, I’m sorry, you can’t. You can earn a commission equal to 10% of the sale price only if you generate a sale through your affiliate link.