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I am a brand & web designer + entrepreneur and help creative entrepreneurs to find their style is my mission.

I’m Roberta and I live in Italy. My studio has been helping creative entrepreneurs from all over the world since 2019 to find their style.

My story began in 2019 when I became aware of my love for details.

To you who are reading these words at this moment: thank you. Yes, you got it right … just you. Thank you because you are giving me a few minutes of your time and it is not something so obvious. My name is Roberta (people also call me simply by the nickname “Rodí”) and I live in Italy. I am a freelance brand designer and entrepreneur with a passion for minimalist and feminine style, for this reason in 2019 I decided to create Her creative details.

I had no idea at the time

I had no idea at the time that building a brand and website was a job that required so much time and effort. I started creating my brand from scratch completely by myself with no development skills but only love for minimalist design, so if you feel demotivated, you don’t know where to start or you feel unsuitable know that I understand you very well and this is the place right for you and your emotions.

Roberta, the owner


I’d like you to know the values on which all my projects are based


Crafting clarity in design, I am the embodiment of simplicity, turning complex messages into effortlessly sleek brand identities.


I breathe elegance into every element, ensuring your brand exudes sophistication and timeless allure.

Attention to detail

Meticulously weaving the threads of precision, I am the curator of your brand’s story, leaving no detail unattended for a captivating narrative.

Focus on the brand

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Here is the type of services I offer:

Branding Elements Designs

Add context to your column. Help visitors understand the value they can get from your products and services.

Website Design

Add context to your column. Help visitors understand the value they can get from your products and services.

Digital Illustrations

Add context to your column. Help visitors understand the value they can get from your products and services.
her creative details studio

My milestones

2019 – The birth of Her creative details

I created the brand and website “Her creative details”.

2021 – 150 commissioned minimalist branding services

I got my first 150 commissioned minimalist branding services from numerous international creative entrepreneurs who needed to build or refresh their brand elements and websites.

2022 – Graduation and investment in iPad

I graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature and decided to invest in an iPad to make my commissioned digital illustrations more consistent.

2023 – 100+ WordPress Child Themes sales

I got my first 250 sales of my WordPress Child Themes and was incredulous and at the same time humbled by your trust.


Each story is an emotion to tell

Welcome to my portfolio where simplicity meets sophistication and elegance. As a passionate designer, I specialize in crafting distinctive brands and websites that embody the essence of clean simplicity, refined sophistication, and timeless elegance. Join me on a journey where design is not just about aesthetics, but a seamless blend of simplicity that speaks volumes, sophistication that captivates, and elegance that stands the test of time.