Simplicity, clarity, minimalist, feminine and elegance are the essential keys to all my designs and works.


I’m Roberta (or simply Rodì) and I am an italian lifestyle blogger with a passion for minimalist and simple design and details. I’m the founder of Her creative details, a shop and a blog that mainly help beginners women bloggers and brand owners to find the simple, feminine and minimalist design that suits them best. I’ve always loved the details; human details that reveal an emotion, details that lead you to an infinity of colored shades, details that define a personality, details that help you view a particular situation from another perspective, essential details as a synonym for life. After years of curiosity, I decided to create a blog to bring together my passion for details and my passion for organizing the small aspects (and details) of the daily life of each of us. But I didn’t have the slightest idea how to make a blog and I didn’t know what it meant to run one. I didn’t want to invest my budget in the wrong way, I didn’t have a well-defined brand identity and I didn’t have computer skills to create a website. I was just a simple student looking for a way to focus on her hobbies, I thought advanced computer skills and skills were indispensable for creating and running a blog and partly, I was right. You are surely wondering why I used the term “in part”. You’re right, I didn’t enter that term at random, but I’ll explain it to you in a little while.

My curiosity for details, for simplicity and for the minimalist style, however, was stronger than the difficulties I encountered immediately in the creation of my blog. I wanted to share my method of organizing details on my blog, I wanted the presets (or photographic filters), my simple minimalist logos and my printables – made up to that moment and kept in my personal archive – to be useful for “hypothetical” visitors to my blog. So I decide to read up on the creation of a blog, I use my printables that until then had remained in the archive to organize the information and I start studying the sector: what are the first steps I need to take to create my blog from scratch and as a beginner? which hosting and which theme can I choose for my blog? and above all how can I do so that my blog maintains the simplicity that is so close to my heart?It may seem strange to you but in the end, after so much effort, after a thousand questions and (almost useless) concept maps, I started the process of creating a web space, and in just over an hour I had my blog!It took a very short time to see my small space on the web! All that remained was to try to put into practice the first useful steps for the correct management of my blog and my digital products. Surely, if you are reading my words right now, you will think that they are a bit exaggerated and full of doubts, problems, anxieties and uncertainties: it’s true!



Deciding to create a blog or a shop from scratch is very difficult and certainly when you decide to create one you need to have at least one reference point to lean on. So, if you are also reading these words, let me say that I understand you very well, I have lived the same situation as you, I have been through it. I understand your emotions and your fear of failure and of not being able to fulfill your “small and big” desire. I understand you and maybe I can help you achieve what you want.

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Her creative details is a brand with a minimalist and feminine style that offers products with the same design aimed at helping mainly a female audience with their brand and simplifying their days.

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Help beginners women bloggers and brand owners to find the simple, feminine and minimalist design that suits them best. 

My audience


Most of the audience that follows this blog is a female audience. They are beginners women bloggers and brand owners.


Usa, Canada, Australia and Europe are the countries with the greatest involvement.


This website is aimed at beginners and anyone looking to find a feminine and minimalist style.

What will you will find here?

This website is for you if you also want to:

Tips and tutorials for you in case you want to create a website or blog from scratch and you have no idea how to do it.

Here you will find many printables that will allow you to simplify your days in a simple and effective way.

Tips and articles on lifestyle, personal growth, minimalism and much more are here for you.

Within this website you will find premade templates that you can buy and use independently or you can contact me for the creation of female branding elements.

You can order minimalist or faceless illustrations for your projects.

Let's collaborate

I’m an amateur and I offer digital services for women’s websites. Choose the remote service that best suits your needs, read faqs at the end of this page and I’ll be happy to help you.

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