A special advice for college freshman

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Today, on my blog, Jade from jcdlifestyle.org suggests you some tips to college freshman. Keep reading.


Hello Lovlies! Today I will be going over some of the best advice I can offer to college freshman! College can be an amazing, fun experience, but it can also be extremely stressful; the transition, being far from home, the work load, all can be difficult to adjust to. I went through all of this myself, thus I’d like to share some things that helped me get through!

A special advice for college freshman

1. Be Prepared to Try New Things

There are a lot of new experiences within being a college freshman that can be a lot of fun if you give them a chance. For example: freshman orientation. This is usually a couple days worth of activities to help you get acquainted with your fellow students, the campus, faculty and the college experience as a whole. During my orientation, I learned a ton, I had a great time and it was very helpful in bringing me out of my shyness. So please, don’t skip out on new things that just may be what you needed! Try that new dish in the caf, go to karaoke night, join a club. Get out there and get involved!

2.  Go. To. Class.

Yes. I said it. I was an orientation leader at my college for 3 years, and this was the single most important piece of advice I would give my students. Going to class is, well, the whole point of going to college, especially in the start of the semester when you are still getting adjusted to your new professors and classes. You get all the information you need to be successful in the class, you get materials, and let’s not forget lectures, quizzes and other in class only activities. I am not exaggerating when I say I have seen professors tell a student “I will not repeat this information, you should have been present”. Most colleges and individual professors have an attendance policy anyway, do you really wanna miss all that time the first week?? No ma’am!

3. Use Your Resources

There are a plethora of resources on a college campus that can help you be successful and thrive, and many of them are directly linked to your freshman experience. The library, career center, study groups, student life services, and many others have so much information available if you reach out. For instance, the career and student leadership center at my alma mater played a large role in helping connect students to jobs or internships down the line, resources for studying and other wonderful things to help you out. Take advantage of anything the college has to offer, you pay to go there! Why not??

4. Avoid Drama

As freshman, you are just starting out in the first steps of adulthood, but you’re also just graduating high school. We understand. But drama and childish behavior is not worth your college career. Yes, have fun, but do not let your college career get destroyed by drama and other negative behavior. You are constantly making impressions, whether you realize it or not. Do not get caught up in the  unnecessary stress that comes with drama; I can personally tell you it’s not worth it.

5. Do Your Best (That’s all that’s required)

Always try your best in everything you do. Put your best foot forward, even for that 8 am lecture you hate, or that exhausting soccer practice. As long as you are proud of your work, that’s all that matters. I used to beat myself up for not getting straight A’s until I realized that no matter what, I was doing my best and put 110% into all my classes, and eventually my hard work paid off. So don’t give up and drop out early, you are stronger and smarter than you think.

I hope this advice for college freshman has helped you! If you’re are recent grad, comment your thoughts on the points I mentioned above. Thanks for reading!

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