10 evening routine ideas to increase your productivity

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Today, on my blog, Tahryn suggests you some tips to increase the productivity of your days.

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10 evening routine ideas to increase your productivity

Are you a morning person? If not, I’m sure you’re already a bit familiar with that feeling of taking some time to start the morning. Or maybe some coffee! A lot of time can be wasted in the morning when preparing for our day, thinking about what to do, perhaps even cleaning up what’s left in the house from the night before. Precisely for this reason, here are 10 evening routine ideas, or 10 tips for your daily routine to help you get a productive day the next day!

  1.  Charge your devices – If you’re not lucky enough to have a small home office, you’re probably looking to work from a laptop wherever you are. I do the same thing too, so it’s frustrating when I start working and my laptop is dead, or my phone doesn’t have enough battery and I have to wait for them to recharge. Get in the habit of loading up the things you need the night before to avoid this.
  2. Check your calendar – Have you ever forgotten you had an appointment and had to rush at the last minute trying to get there on time? Check your calendar in the evening as a reminder of what you have for the next day and be sure to wake up a little earlier to be ready. Getting an idea of ​​what your schedule will look like for the next day will also provide all of these tips for you to follow.
  3. Write a list or priority list – Start your day as productively as possible by writing down your priorities the night before so you can get started right away, knowing exactly what to start with. Try to keep this list small and very specific, the idea is to have about 3 things you need to do that day. Focus on those for as long as possible to complete them, then spend the rest of the day the way you think is best, with the satisfaction of knowing you’ve got three big things off your list.
  4. Put your spaces in order – Trying to be productive in a cluttered or disorganized space is very difficult! Try to spend 5-10 minutes every night quickly tidying up where you are going to work, so when you come back in the morning you can find everything you need easily and you will have a space that conveys calm and tranquility.
  5. Check the weather – This depends on where you live, but here in the UK it can be hot and sunny one day and snow the next, and that really ruins our transport systems! If you need to go somewhere and are likely in traffic or have trouble with public transport due to the weather, then it’s good to plan ahead.
  6. Organize your clothing – Some people are blessed with a casual style, while I seem to have made no effort. If you are in the same situation as me, you will save some time in the morning by preparing your clothes the night before. It may seem like obvious advice, but the fewer decisions you have to make in the morning, the better. You’ll also save time trying to find your favorite shirt in the back of your wardrobe, only to find it dirty!
  7. Plan or prepare your meals – This will save you time and money! Planning meals or preparing lunch will save you from looking in the fridge wondering what to eat or spending unnecessary money on eating out. You’ll likely make healthier choices too. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself as much as possible.
  8. Avoid caffeine – Nobody is very responsive after a bad night’s sleep, and caffeine is the enemy of sleep. Try to cut back on caffeine in the evening for at least 4 hours before bed. You’ll sleep better and feel refreshed and ready for a productive day.
  9. Reduce browsing time in front of your device screens – Much like the last tip, but the lights on our phones and laptops also disrupt our sleep patterns. Try to stay away from your devices for about an hour before bed for a more restful sleep. Try a relaxing bath or a book instead!
  10. Chunk your time – When reviewing your to-do list and priorities for the next day, it’s a good idea to plan your time in blocks, known as time frames. The aim is to do similar activities over a period of time to improve concentration and productivity, instead of doing a lot of different tasks. An example for bloggers would be to spend 2 hours scheduling social media posts, 2 hours editing posts, a lunch break, followed by the afternoon writing a new email sequence.

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And you? Do you already do one of these activities? Hope you have found some helpful tips for your evening routine that can make you even more productive every day! Read on, it’s not over yet.

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