This a shop and a blog that mainly help beginners women bloggers and brand owners to find the simple, feminine and minimalist design that suits them best. Simplicity, clarity, minimalist, feminine and elegance are the essential keys to all my designs and works.

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Full feminine branding packages, logo design, sponsored posts & more.
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Female audience

95% of this website audience are beginners women bloggers and brand owners.

Beginners audience & simplicity lovers

Most of the visitors to this website are lovers of simple designs who are looking for simple, feminine and minimalist design and tips.

International Customers

Visitors from all over the world regularly buy products from this shop.

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A step by step free guide to help you, even if you are a beginner .. you can create a blog from scratch!

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illustrations from 5$

For you, an exclusive list of 10+ amazing illustrators who are ready to create a minimalist custom illustration that suits your needs.
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